Ocean views that can be witnessed from your rainforest suite, an enviable tropical climate and 8am rum cocktails that raise no eyebrows; though I’d prefer to keep it quiet, the island of St Kitts is a winter-sun destination that would brand me selfish if I chose not to share.

Whilst most of you were adjusting to the colder, shorter days here in the UK I recently spent a week on the stunning island of St Kitts, to ‘take one for the team’ and discover more about the up a-and-coming Caribbean resort. Though I was only there for a short time the lively island managed to secure a place in my heart.

Though small in scale the island of St Kitts really does pack a (rum) punch when it comes to the recognisably friendly atmosphere and warmth that the Caribbean is so well-known for. The destination has long been a location travelled to only by ‘those who know’ because of the regular inclusion in Caribbean cruises but the island’s charm is now attracting more lengthy stays from tourists. Most ship itineraries include day trips to St Kitts, more recently however the island has really come into it’s own as a destination and the great news is, it’s now more easier than ever for us to get there with direct flights leaving twice weekly from the UK.

Arriving into the island by plane showcases beautifully the postcard-perfect views of the turquoise waters meeting the light toned sandy shores and as soon as you disembark from the aircraft there’s a familiar feeling of warmth and vibrancy from the ground staff. Caribbean culture is celebrated world-wide because of the friendly nature of the people and St Kitts is no exception to the rule when it comes to ‘smiles all round’.  As a country that’s still very much developing within the tourism market St Kitts has the best of both worlds when it comes to accommodation. The island caters perfectly for a wealthy high-end clientele but with untouched beaches and a happy-go-lucky atmosphere, it’s also attractive for those travellers who prefer a more laid back and laid bare escape.

I personally split my stay between two luxury hotels, both of which I would highly recommend and whilst I’d love to keep the island a tightly kept secret amongst like-minded travelers there’s no way it’ll remain as such for long.  From the glitz and glam of the brand new Park Hyatt to the open air rain-forest views at the Belle Monte Farm, if the beauty of the location wasn’t enough to get your attention the glamorous hotels on offer will seal the deal. There’s then the fun factor of what’s on offer with a four stage zip line through the trees for adrenaline junkies, a scenic railway tour with a live band to show off the beauty and rich history of the island and of course, the Caribbean sea which leads to endless adventure opportunities.

Though the island may be somewhat lesser known than the likes of neighboring Saint Lucia and Antigua, the warmth in the local’s hearts can be felt at every corner. There’s something incredibly special about the seclusion of St Kitts, at no point during my stay did I feel as though I was sharing the island. If you are looking for a great winter escape to benefit from the year-round warm weather I may have just introduced you to the perfect place!

Written by Sabrina Chakici, TV Host & Travel Expert. Read more from her travels at www.clutchandcarryon.com

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