Holiday Cruise

Holiday Cruise

We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.
Some of us love to spend some 'me-time' relaxing, thinking, and doing the things we don't want anyone else to see. This is time we spend at home being our true selves. Sometimes people prefer being alone, rather than in anyone else's company. But you'd think when it comes to going on holiday abroad it is mainly enjoyed with the company of those who are nearest and dearest to us; The perfect opportunity to spend that bit of quality time catching up and bonding.
But some new-found research has revealed that this is not always the case. A study was carried out on line using an independent travel agency which has shown that two thirds of Britons (66%) would be rather happy to set sail and go on a cruise on their lonesome.
The company Bonvoyage had polled 2,096 adults who resided in the UK to ask of their holiday preferences. They began by finding out whether a solo holiday is something they would consider, and 79% had said that they would do so. This means they would leave behind their partner, friends or family. Moreover they found out that 26% of the people polled has already been on a solo holiday!
Participants were asked to nominate the preference of a solo holiday and the top five types of holiday were said to be:
1. Cruise (66%)
2. Spa Holiday (57%)
3. Backpacking Holiday (46%)
4. Beach Holiday (31%)
5. Activity Holiday such as Scuba Diving, Hiking and Skiing (24%)
This shows that we are all varied in tastes but the majority were won over by a nice cruise. The reasons for wanting to take a solo holiday are also varied:
1. Relaxing and unwinding without stress of family/friends (34%)
2. Cruise offers a more secure trip for those wanting to travel alone (28%)
3. A way to meet new people or a potential other half (21%)
4. Cruise Ships are packed with entertainment (14%)
and finally the fifth most popular choice was that they would travel alone regardless of holiday type or destination. (3%)
A spokelady from Bonvoyage has commented he following on the matter:

“The team here at the bonvoyage website are seeing a steady increase in the amount of cruisers deciding to venture out on a solo trip, and these results certainly reflect our booking figures. I think the results definitely suggest a wider-accepted notion of holidaying alone, particularly amongst women, and cruises seem like the perfect option for the security and entertainment they provide. I myself have cruised alone and I can certainly relate to those who said they did it to relax away from friends and family - it's very nice being able to do what you want whenever you like!”

She continued:

“Nowadays, such a large amount of young people are taking time out to travel alone before getting a job or going to university. Perhaps taking a solo cruise could be somewhat of a substitute for those who felt they missed out on the opportunity to have this time to ‘discover themselves’ and take a lone trip in their younger years, but have too many responsibilities  at home to leave for more than a couple of weeks. Hopefully with this increase in interest for solo travel the cruise lines will finally start to look at reducing the supplements they currently charge for single travellers, as I'm sure if they were more reasonable then it would encourage even more people to cruise alone.”

Saima Omar @Lookitssaima 

If you have been on holiday alone, tell us about your experiences. @FemaleFirst_UK

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