With the winter months drawing in and the holiday blues taking their toll, what better way to distract yourself from the glum, dark, cold outdoors by escaping to paradise!

There’s no better time to begin your search for your next holiday, whether that be this year or for your summer escape in 2015. If you prefer tranquil and relaxing holidays- why not treat yourself to a splendid spa break which will leave you feeling refereshed and relaxed more than ever before.

Starting from October, the Seven Colours Spa will be hosting a range of Wellness Weeks in Mauritius, by wellness specialists and focusing on the practice of well-recognised relaxation disciplines. Wellness Retreats available include:

The Yoga of Sound with Shivala (31st October – 10th November 2014)

Yoga of Sound is a very unusual practice of yoga that is taken by Shivala at Heritage Resorts. This wellness retreat will introduce vocal techniques and sacred chants known for their spiritual and therapeutic benefits. Unlike Hatha Yoga, the Yoga of Sound does not require any posture but focuses on voice and sound techniques. It is through the Harmonic Chant (vocals through vowel modulations that stimulate all the cells of the body and the energy that resonates through the whole body) and the recitation of mantras. This spiritual and therapeutic exercise allow, through vibrations generated by the Harmonic Chant, to balance energies that flow through our body.


The Art of Breathing with Dominique Lonchant (5th – 15th December 2014)

This wellness retreat encourages guests to discover the immense power and real benefits of proper breathing with Breathing Master and Yoga Teacher Dominique Lonchan. The Art of Breathing retreat will teach breathing techniques that are essential to your wellbeing. Proper breathing helps to better manage stress and may help people suffering from sleep disorders, migraines, asthma or overwork.


Pilates with Mikaël Pulcini (30th January – 5th February 2015)

Pilates is a physical fitness system based on the movement of the centre of the body, which promotes a strong mind-muscle connection. Not only does Pilates help to shape a leaner silhouette, but it also provides deep muscular strengthening while improving breathing techniques. Mickaël Pulcini is a classical and modern dancer and teaches Pilates at his studio in Paris and Nice.


The Art of Reiki with Jean- Jacques Robinet (5th – 8th June 2015)

Reiki is a Japanese practice that aims at reducing stress in your daily life and learning to relax. Using a technique commonly called palm healing or hands-on-healing, this spiritual discipline helps to relieve pain and reach general well-being. Reiki Master Jean-Jacques Robinet leads the Reiki wellness retreat, who is the direct descendant of the lineage of Reiki Grand Masters.

For more information, visit: http://www.heritageresorts.mu/en/wellness.aspx

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