During our stay at Brimstone, we were lucky enough to secure a booking at the onsite restaurant Stove in the very appropriately named ‘wine room’.



Both space saving and decorative- the surrounding walls boasted glass shelves full of wine from the menu for both easy access for the waiters and a talking point for the guests. Each shelf was filled just enough so you could peek through to the other areas of the restaurant, giving it a more open plan feel.  

Beautifully decorated in the signature slate colours of its natural surroundings- the restaurant embodied all of the Lake District charm and tones.

Given the standard of the accommodation, I was concerned that I would feel out of place in the restaurant- but despite the luxury of our surroundings and the clientele that would frequent such an establishment- Stove was warm and inviting.

Our host brought us a bottle of water to the table as we chose our starters and main course. There was some olive tapenade and bread to nibble on while we pondered over what we would have too.

It just so happened that my parents were in the area on the same weekend, so they joined us for dinner and were just as impressed as we were by the look and feel of Stove.  

For our starters my dad had the Game Terrine with Cumberland Sauce, poached prunes, pistachio crumb, which happened to be starred on our room menu so he knew it would be good.

There was the starter menu staple- Soup of the day- of which there were two- I had the pea and mint and my husband had the spicy chicken. The chicken soup was something you might get in a Chinese and Japanese restaurant- the noodles and meat were soaked in a thin, clear sauce and the dish had a real kick! Ideal if you are looking to experiment with new flavours and textures in a more traditional dish.  

My mum had the Beetroot salmon- which was served with picked beetroot. The colours were what impressed me the most with this dish- the salmon was a vibrant deep purple and although they are not two ingredients you would immediately marry together- my mum said that it worked very well as a flavour combination.

The pea and mint soup was satisfying and the mint offered a fresh bite against the creaminess of the peas- just what I needed on a cold winter’s night.

I am the only vegetarian in the family, so I asked for a recommendation for my mains and our host suggested that I go for the Wild Mushroom tagliatelle- rocket and pecorino. It was every bit as creamy and filling as I’d hoped, and the addition of the coarse grain mustard added a little sharpness at the end of every bite. The pile of rocket wilted slowly as I ate it to give it a peppery crunch. Both vegetarians and meat eaters will love this dish.

My husband had the Josper Gilled Pork Chop- mash, cabbage, black pudding bonbon, apple puree. The chop was standing proudly on its side, wedged between the mash and cabbage when it arrived and we all took a moment to appreciate the aesthetics of the dish before he tucked in.  

My dad loves his fish, so he ordered the Smoked Haddock- leek risotto, crispy poached hens egg, charred baby leek, curry oil. As he finished the last bite- he said- ‘you always know the mark of a good meal when you don’t want it to end’- and I take that as a sign that he enjoyed every mouthful!  

My mum had the Backed Scottish Mussels- cider, bacon, fries. I am not going to lie, they are a messy affair, and you need to roll up your sleeves and dig in- but she loved it so much that she scooped up very last bite from the bottom of the bowl. She didn’t want to waste one mussel in the depths of the residual sauce.  

Both my parents had the Apple parfait- gingerbread ice cream, crispy hazelnut sponge for dessert, which was moulded around a lollipop stick. They both wished the gingerbread ice cream had had more of a kick but otherwise they enjoyed the flavours- which- let’s face it- are a match made in heaven.  

I was too full to have a dessert, but my husband took one for the team and had a Stove Sticky Toffee Bread and Butter Pudding- a Stove twist on a classic.  He described it as being very soft and delicate compared to a traditional sticky toffee pudding with all the flavours you yearn for from this family favourite.

Overall, the meal was excellent. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming and the food was spot on. If you happen to be staying on the Langdale Estate- I would urge you to book here as you don’t have far to walk for luxury food at an affordable price. 

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