Will you be working in New Zealand this summer?

Will you be working in New Zealand this summer?

Getting a job in the UK can be a tiresome task and it can be upsetting recieving knock back after knock back. Securing a full-time job has become harder than ever so now is the time to pack the case, make arrangements for you visa, get on the first plane you see and work abroad this summer.

Why should I work abroad this summer?

You are able to work whilst travelling the world - Have you ever dreamed of travelling Australia or America but were worried you wouldn't have enough money to do all the things you want to whilst there? Working abroad puts extra money in your pocket that enables you to see and do all the things you want to.

You will pick up new skills on the way - Working abroad will help you learn new skills and gain some work experience. It will look great on your CV!

It will make you more independent - Travelling to an unknown part of the world sounds like a scary experience but it will certaintly make your more independent and mature. While you are there you will have to sort a place to live and find a job and this shows future employers that you can do it  and are not dependent on other people.

You will meet a lot of new and interesting people - Travelling abroad will mean that you have the chance to meet people who come from a different culture and background to you. You will meet people who you would never have had the chance to meet if you did not travel abroad on a working holiday. You will also meet other travellers on the way who are in a similar situation as you and are willing to help you out.

You will get to really experience the destination - When we go on holiday, we often only visit the tourist attactions which means we are often only skimming the surface of the location we are at. A working holiday however means we will be living in the same country for several months and you will really get to explore the destination on a deeper level.

Freedom - Although you will be working abroad, heading off abroad gives you a real sense of freedom. You are not tied down to one single job and often when you finish work, you have the rest of the day to explore the country.

You gain experience and it looks great on your CV - Many employers are impressed when they see a potential employee has worked abroad. It will also give you plenty of experience to add to your CV, making you more employable.

Lots of oppurtunities - There are many job oppurtunties abroad and many employers are willing to employ you. Young people are very employable abroad as they are willing to work hard and take part-time jobs.

Hot weather - English weather can be disappointing and summer is never what is expected. Chosing a country that has hot weather will definitely be a bonus.

Top places to work abroad:
New Zealand

Many jobs are avaliable abroad including catering, waitering, bars and retail stores. Summer camps are also avaliable which offers a fun working experience that keeps you active over the summer.

China offers many programmes where you teach children to speak better English in one of the many schools there.

Working abroad is a great oppurtunity and will look great on your CV. It allows you to explore the world, whilst earning money on the way. Working abroad is a great way to earn experience but doesn't tie you down to a deadend job.

Now all you need to do is arrange your visa, pick your destination, get on the plane and have the summer of a lifetime.

By Claire Lancaster

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