People are doing anything to get away from the festive season

People are doing anything to get away from the festive season

With only 11 days left until Christmas and the ‘to do’ list ever growing, have revealed that 16 per cent of Brits are desperate to get away from the annual festivities.

One of the top reasons for people wanting to escape from the UK is because the likes of Slade, Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé’s Christrnas songs were driving them mad, so mad in fact that it’s making a quarter of Brits want to flee the country! Unsurprisingly the other most common reason was the miserable British weather.

People have revealed some very drastic choices for where they would rather spend Christmas, with 6 per cent admitting they would prefer to be alone in a desert than at home during the festive season.

It’s no surprise that, as a nation that is obsessed with talking about the horrible weather, come December most people just want to get away to somewhere hot! The survey showed that over a third of Brits are sick of our UK climate and want to travel to sunnier destinations.

Mark Maddock, Managing Director of said: “Our bookings show miserable weather is driving widespread Christmas migration to hotter climates – last week holiday bookings to Mexico were up 50 per cent year on year, and flight bookings to Shanghai and Melbourne were up 123 per cent and 159 per cent respectively. With more winter storms predicted for over the Christmas period, we only expect these weather-driven escapes to increase.”

This time of year is known to be the time of giving, and yet one in five people have revealed that they would spend their Christmas present budget on a holiday for themselves! If you’re feeling like you need a little self-indulgence take a look at, they have plenty of deals ready for your Christmas break!

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