Whilst airport security is important it leaves some of us feeling red faced.

Whilst airport security is important it leaves some of us feeling red faced.

Following a study of UK travellers, sendmybag.com have discovered the top ten most embarrassing airport security incidents, prepare to cringe!

1)     Proposal Problem: One man confessed that his plans for a mid-air, pre-holiday proposal were dashed when he inadvertently set off the metal detector. The public search that followed required him to produce the ring from his pocket in front of his on-looking girlfriend, who immediately clocked what it was.

2)     Knicker Nightmare: A woman was left mortified when a pair of ‘large discoloured pants’ were produced from her hand luggage, while travelling with her business clients who were waiting in the queue behind her.

3)      Toy Trouble: A woman travelling with her parents was left extremely red faced when a rather large and obvious sex toy was revealed on the screens as it passed through the scanner.

4)      Stain Situation: Another unfortunate traveller, this time male, was heading off on a romantic break with his new girlfriend when he was stopped for a routine search. Underwear was drawn forth from his hand luggage, complete with ‘obvious skid marks’. He claimed he hadn’t intentionally packed them to wear.

5)      Security Scared: One woman was pulled aside with armed police on standby as the scanner revealed a ‘belt of bullets’…which turned out to be a row of AA batteries.

6)      Drug Dilemma: Another lady, who claimed to always take a bag of soap powder on holiday for emergency clothes washing purposes, was confronted by security staff in front of her astonished grandchildren as the package was mistaken for a vast quantity of illegal class A drugs.

7)      Sticky Situation: One man claimed to have been highly embarrassed when asked to remove a large tub of ‘personal lubricant’ as it contravened the airplane liquid allowance.

8)     Magazine Mishap: Another man felt humiliated when a collection of pornographic magazines in his hand luggage was revealed during a routine check.

9)      Cream Cringe: A man in his forties claimed that he ‘struggled to live down’ his airport experience, when haemorrhoid cream was pulled out of his case in front of his new and younger partner as they went away on their first romantic break together.

10)   Medical Malfunction: A woman was left mortified when airport staff questioned a product in her bag which turned out to be anti-viral drugs for genital herpes. Her new partner worked as a pharmacist, so quickly realised what they were upon seeing them.

Do you think about what you put in your hand luggage?

75% of us say we take extra care to pack safely to pass through security checks, with over half of us feeling paranoid about embarrassing ourselves with the contents of our luggage.

Adam Ewart from Send My Bag suggests checking your bag to save you from these blushing blunders: 'It appears that sometimes the joke is on you whether you intend to make one or not. Some of the responses that we had are definitely a reason for a red face.'

'Personally I double check and re-check my bag for anything that could be an issue going through the security gate. If you’ve got embarrassing items that you insist on taking with you though, perhaps you should pack them in your suitcase. And as for dirty pants, maybe it’s best not to take those at all!'

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