The selfie has quickly become an essential part of the holiday, so with the summer season in full swing has dissected the top ten celebrity holiday snaps… and we promise that there isn't a pair of hotdog legs in sight!*

Millie Mackintosh

Millie Mackintosh

Ashley Tisdale - The Yoga Selfie

Because lying horizontally on the sand is so 2014. Made famous by Gisele Bundchen, Beyonce and Ashley Tisdale, this is fast becoming a staple holiday snap. So set up the self timer and pull out your best downward facing dog and perfect the warrior pose for the ultimate beach selfie…. but we recommend leaving the headstands to the pros!

Taylor Swift - The Goofing Around Selfie

Tay Tay shows off her playful side whilst on holiday with Calvin pulling silly poses on an inflatable swan, because, well when you're the queen of pop, why not?! This one is pretty easy to re-create anywhere around the world, so long as there's a swimming pool near by. Just buy yourself a corny inflatable and you're good to go!

Kim Kardashian - The Underwater Selfie

No self-respecting selfie list would be complete without a Kardashinan on there. Kim shows off those famous curves whilst looking undeniably glam even whilst diving in a swimming pool. Please make sure your camera is waterproof before attempting to re-create this one!!

Miranda Kerr - The 'On Cloud Nine' Selfie

You're on holiday, you're at a gorgeous beach, the sun has his hat on and you're so happy you're pretty much floating on air. Capture that feeling with a whimsical leap in the air à la Miranda Kerr.

Hailey Baldwin - The Sunglasses Selfie

A new take on the sun lounger selfie, this one is a little more artsy and may take several attempts to get the perfect angle, but the end result is so worth it!

Lucy Mecklenburgh - The Coconut Cocktail Selfie

Cocktails are a must-have on any good holiday, and who doesn't love the novelty of drinking one out of a coconut - yes it may be a cliché but if it's good enough for Lucy, then it's good enough for us.

Rochelle Humes - The Loved Up Couple Selfie

This one is, for obvious reasons, limited to those holidaying with their significant other. If you're as loved up as Rochelle and Marvin were on their vacay to Miami, then capture the romance with a cheeky close-up with the sea carefully positioned in the background. You can, of course, replicate this one with your BFF if you're planning a trip with the girls.

Michelle Keegan - The Girl Power Selfie

Michelle Keegan demonstrated the power of her female friendships whilst on her hen do to Dubai. If you're going away with the girls this summer, set the camera on a self timer and all walk hand-in-hand down the beach together. Posing with your back to the camera means everyone should be pleased with the outcome, as there won't be anyone blinking or looking in the wrong direction.

Kylie Jenner - The Mirror Selfie

We've got a Kardashian on the list, so it's only right that we balance this out with the addition of a Jenner. Kylie is no stranger to selfies (anyone who has her on Snapchat will know exactly what we mean) and practice makes perfect, right? It would seem so, with this perfectly posed bikini mirror selfie. Taking this selfie in the hotel room means that you have more control over lighting, plus you won't have an audience whilst trying to find the perfect pose.

Millie Mackintosh - The Legs Selfie

Okay so we lied, it looks as though the 'hot dog leg' selfies aren't going away anytime soon as proved by Millie on her recent trip to Morocco.

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