"Where is my camera?"

Being on your summer holiday is supposed to be a relaxing time. You get to sleep in and enjoy the sun shining down on you whilst sipping an ice-cold mojito! But for many it can cause unwelcoming stress.

A new survey has revealed that two fifths of holidaymakers have experienced theft during their holiday with the majority of items taken from public areas, such as the beach or pool-side.

According to www.sunshine.co.uk, the most popular item to be stolen from Brits enjoying their summer escape is a camera, which means many travellers are unable to capture the happy moments that they encounter.

As the results show, a shocking number of Brits have become victimised by thieves with 61% revealing that they did not report it to the authorities. A further 77% did not make any reports as they admitted to feeling it was their own fault for ‘leaving items unattended or at risk.’

Moreover, the most common place were Brits have experienced their belongings to have been stolen was on the beach with 31%. A further 26% admitted to being around the pool when their stuff had been stolen. 19% revealed that they had items taken from their hotel room.

Top 10 items most likely to be stolen from Britons whilst on holiday abroad:

  1. Camera- 27%
  2. Sunglasses- 25%
  3. Money- 21%
  4. Mobile phone- 16%
  5. Jewellery- 13%
  6. Inflatables/beach toys- 9%
  7. Footwear- 7%
  8. Clothes- 7%
  9. Handbag- 5%
  10. Sun cream- 3%

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of sunshine.co.uk, said: “All Britons heading overseas should take out a level of travel insurance that covers them for at least some of the valuables they are travelling with. To keep your belongings safe, just use common sense and don’t leave anything unattended. If there’s a safe in your hotel room, be sure to make use of it; even if there is a small charge for doing so. It’s likely to be much less than the financial, not to mention emotional, cost of replacing missing belongings in the worst case scenario.

“People who head off for a swim in the sea whilst leaving their valuables hidden under their beach towel can’t expect to find these items where they left them. All it takes is one opportunist thief to pinch something while you’re distracted, enjoying your holiday. Tourist areas are well known to these thieves and the practice is often more common than holidaymakers expect. Be alert and never take too much spending money out with you at any one time.” 

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