"Hurrah For Holidays!"

Is your summer holiday just around the corner? Yes! Are you all packed and ready to go? Yes! Are you ready to relax all day? Oh yes! If you’re looking to unwind on your summer break, it seems Brits are only well and truly relaxed on the third day of the trip!

A new survey has found that Brits are happiest on the third day of their holiday, around 7:30pm, as many admit to saying they have stopped worrying about work and still have plenty of days left ahead to enjoy.

www.sunshine.co.uk found that a further 26% were having the best holiday and many were smiling from ear to ear as they still had plenty of spending money at this point on their holiday.

Going on holiday seems to leave a positive mindset among Brits with 37% admitting to ‘work less/not stress as much’ to help see in a change in their moods and 26% said they ‘decided to get finances in order’ following a holiday.

A further 13% said that the holiday had a positive effect on their relationship with their significant other once they had returned home.

67% of the people taking part in the poll admitted to feeling ‘extremely sad’ on the day that they had to return home from their holiday, with 5% of these even claiming to have become upset to the point of crying.

Five most common reasons why Brits feel happy on holiday

  • I had time to stop thinking or worrying about work- 42%
  • Still had plenty of holiday ahead to enjoy- 31%
  • Had the best/most enjoyable day- 26%
  • Started to get a good tan by this point- 13%
  • Still had lots of spending money left at this point- 9%

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of sunshine.co.uk, said the following: “There’s a magical moment on all holidays when you can sit back, finally forget about work and look forward to the rest of the days you have left before returning home. It really is a great feeling. The first couple of days on holiday can be taken up with office-related worries, recovering from travelling or concerns over whether or not your neighbour will remember to feed Garry the goldfish whilst you’re gone. Once you’ve had time to settle into your holiday and let go a little, it’s a chance to really enjoy your break!”

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