Packing for the other half

Packing for the other half

Packing for your summer holiday can be a stressful time for most. Double checking that you have the sun cream and not forgetting the most important thing of all: Passport! And it seems that many women aren’t just seeing to themselves, they are packing their partners suitcases too.

A new survey has revealed that 51% of women admit to packing their partner’s summer suitcase, as well as their own.

Travelsupermarket conducted the survey and found that the average time it takes to pack a suitcase is 81 minutes. The same amount of time it would take if you were to travel from London to Edinburgh.

However, it may take a long time to pack your travel bags, but men are nine minutes faster than women when packing a case, taking just 76 minutes.

The study found that women like to begin preparations two weeks before the day of the holiday. Whereas men dedicate less than a week to this task.

Despite women preferring to pack for their partners, 49% revealed that they would never dream of letting their other half near their luggage.

When deciding what is necessary and what you would like to bring along with you on holiday, it seems that men are partial to bringing along a couple of cosmetics. 21% considered moisturiser as an essential must-have while a further 14% cannot travel without conditioner.

Women aren’t just packing for their partners either, they are choosing their outfits too, as 7% admitted to picking outfits as they would be embarrassed by their wardrobe choices if not.

It’s not uncommon to witness flustered holidaymakers drag oversized suitcases through airports. Men who have been on holiday with their other-half are almost 10 times more likely to feel embarrassed by a partner packing more than they can carry.

Sharing suitcase space causes arguments in 5% of couples who have been on holiday together, with 8% of men thinking it leads to arguments compared to just 3% of women.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at TravelSupermarket comments: “Packing well can save you both time and money if done well. Our research shows that, like booking the holiday, women also take the lead when it comes to packing the bags, often because they don’t trust their male counterparts to pack suitable items. Being organised, knowing your luggage limits, being smart with toiletries and above all, being realistic with how much you really need to take away with you can save you a lot of stress – and help you avoid paying up to £75 a bag or up to £10 a kilo at the check-in desk – every time you travel. My number one tip is to measure your bags. If you get the right sized bag before you travel, you physically can’t pack more than you’re allowed to carry.”

Commenting on recent developments around the tight controls on taking electrical items on flights to the USA, Bob Atkinson said: “The number one priority is safety and so you need to be prepared for extra checks in hand and hold luggage flying to or via the USA. Don't go to the airport before double checking with your airline the current policy, which is being refined all the time. “My advice is to only travel with electrical items that are essential to your trip, otherwise leave them at home. Ensure they are fully charged before getting to the airport and have the chargers for each device with you.”

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