Explore Europe

Explore Europe

For travellers on a tight budget looking to see more of Europe this summer, Busbud coach booking platform for city-to-city trips around the world, has compiled a list of the top 5 European coach routes to make your holidays cheaper than by flying.

1. Spain

If you're travelling around Spain, why not take the coach from Bilbao to Madrid? This four-hour route is the ideal way to discover what the North of Spain has to offer, as the journey begins near the coast and ends in the heart of the capital's city centre.

Coach vs Plane

Coach: £25

Plane: £133

2. France

If you'd like a taste of France after sampling the delights of Spain, why not take a coach from Barcelona to Marseille? Ride along the coasts of Spain and France and take in the scenery as you go from partying in Barcelona to sun-bathing in Marseille in just seven hours.

Coach vs Plane

Coach: £28

Plane: £107

3. Germany

If you'd like to explore Northern Germany, take the coach from Hamburg to Berlin. On this three-hour journey, leave behind the pretty harbour of Hamburg and explore Germany's northern countryside. Once in Berlin, get ready to party!

Coach vs Plane

Coach: £10

Plane: £105

4. The Netherlands

Visiting the Netherlands is always great fun. After exploring Eastern Europe, take the coach from Prague to Amsterdam to soak up the culture of the city and enjoy the beautiful canals. On this 14-hour route you'll pass through three countries - the Netherlands, Germany, and the Czech Republic - and you'll enjoy unparalleled views that taking the plane won't offer.

Coach vs Plane

Coach: £51

Plane: £530

5. UK

If you'd like to explore London after travelling around France, take the coach from Paris to London. Crossing the English Channel has never been as picturesque as it is by coach - go from sampling macarons by the Eiffel Tower to enjoying scones near Big Ben in as little as eight hours.

Coach vs Plane

Coach: £36

Plane: £116

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