Summer Reads

Summer Reads

Going on holiday and selecting a handful of summer reads can be the best part. Being entranced by a fictional world whilst relaxing by the sea is the pinnacle of a summer escape. Choosing the most appropriate and enjoyable reads is important to get right. It seems that women know what they want from a classic book with erotic novels proving the popular choice for summer holidays.

UK’s Online cruising travel agency, Bonvoyage, conducted the survey of favourite summer reads and found that erotic novels, romance and autobiographies were the most common during a sailing holiday.

Women aren’t shy about the fact that they love to read erotic novels as 32% made no effort to conceal their reading material. 24% stated they read the material on an electronic device, 16% stated that they disguised the book’s cover and 9% stated they only read the book if no other holidaymakers were nearby.  

Female readers are more likely to take up reading compared to men with 65% of women saying that they did read whilst on holiday, whereas only 39% of British males revealed that they did not read any books during their holiday.

66% of men revealed playing games on hand held games consoles and tablets devices kept them entertained, whilst 48% of female respondents revealed that they preferred to read magazines over books. 

The top 5 most common genres read by men and women


1. Romance Novels – 49%

2. Erotic Fiction – 37%

3. Memoirs – 24%

4. Thriller Novels – 19%

5. Historic Fiction – 14%


1. Autobiographies – 31%

2. Sporting biographies – 28%

3. Historic Factual Accounts – 23%

4. Crime Novels – 16%

5. Fantasy Novels – 11%


Steph Curtin, Cruise Development Manager at, made the following comment:

“What is interesting is that our escapist reading is still so stereotypical; ladies tend to read fictional accounts with a romantic focus while men read factual material, favouring sports and autobiographies. Another point of interest is that so many women are choosing erotic materials (this is the 50 Shades generation, after all) and many aren’t afraid to show the world what they are reading!”

He continued: “Despite the rise in technological gadgets, such as iPads and the Nintendo DS, it’s refreshing to see that the good old fashioned holiday read is still going strong in the form of e-readers and books! A crucial element of a cruising holiday, in my view, is to relax, and how can one get more relaxed than laying in the sun getting lost in a great book?”

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