Brits contact work during holiday

Brits contact work during holiday

When we book our summer holiday it’s hard to not get excited about having a couple of weeks off work, and having time to relax by the sea and work on your summer glow with not a care in the world. However, many Brits have difficulty unwinding during their summer escape.

FSCS, Financial Services Compensation Scheme, have revealed that 31% of British holidaymakers make at least some contact with work during their holiday.

Instead of putting their fit up and having time to relax, Brits keep in contact with work via email, text or phone with 11% saying they do so once a day or more while they are away.

Although Brits are saving money each month for their getaway, the research suggests people are suffering from a “fear of missing out”, and are therefore not making the most of their holiday.

However, women are far better at switching off than men. 35% of men are more likely to get in touch with work during their holiday week compared to 28% of women.

16% of those who have made contact with work colleagues during holiday say doing so has resulted in an argument with their partner.

Family and friends are also on speed dial with 81% of holidaymakers far more likely to contact their friends and family than work during their break. More than one in five say they will be in touch once a day or more.

Relationship and work/life balance expert Jo Barnett commented on the research findings, saying: “We are living in a culture where instant connection is the norm.  Stepping onto the plane does not make this any easier for people to leave work and family behind.  While there is a smart phone or a tablet in reach there is the temptation to constantly ‘check in’, this is the addictive nature of our brilliant technology. When you are on your next holiday, try to leave all of your personal electronics in your hotel or flat and for at least half a day, enjoy every moment of peace so you will feel relaxed and recharged when you return home.”

Mark Neale, Chief Executive of FSCS said: “Millions of people have been saving up for their holidays and are looking forward to their summer break. Whether you switch off from work or not, you can be sure that FSCS is protecting your money in UK banks, building societies and credit unions.  FSCS protection is free and automatic. You don’t carry the extra baggage of work or money worries with you when you go.”

FSCS protects people when authorised financial services firms go bust. It protects peoples’ deposits in banks, building societies and credit unions. Since 2001 it has come to the aid of more than 4.5m people while paying out more than £26bn in compensation.

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