We’ve all done it- posted, tweeted and even tagged ourselves at the airport, on the beach, in the club, making sure everybody knows that you’re having the time of your life. Many Brits become social media addicts during their holidays, updating their profiles at least 16 times in a week!


Online Travel Agency uncovered that a typical gadget-using tourist from the UK will update their Facebook status 10 times, send 23 text messages, post four tweets and add two pictures to their Instagram account when abroad.

www.sunshine.co.uk carried out the research and found that many Brits admit to finding it difficult to distance themselves from their gadgets and gizmos whilst on holiday abroad.

89% of respondents admitted that they took their mobile phone abroad on holiday with them on their last trip, whilst 39% had taken a tablet device, 26% had taken an e-reader of some description and 11% had taken a laptop. 

Many Brits admitted to using social media abroad with 41% revealing they want ‘to stay in the loop with everything back home in the UK’. A further 41% said the like ‘to brag about my holiday’.

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of sunshine.co.uk, said the following: “Holidays should not be about updating your Facebook every five minutes or scrolling through your Twitter feed to see what’s happening in the office or back home. Holidaymakers must get a little bit of distance between themselves and their gadgets; leaving them in the drawer at home is a good start!

“Don’t get me wrong, an e-reader is a great addition to any holiday, but a constantly bleeping smartphone or a laptop feeding through a string of work-related emails is not! Make the decision to leave most of your gadgets behind and you can just tell everyone how great your holiday was once you get home. They don’t need a constant update about your holiday, as much as you’d love to brag about cocktail hour around the pool!”


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