From its ability to evoke happy childhood memories to its association with romance, travelling by train has always captured the imagination of us Brits.

Donna Air celebrates 'I Love Trains Week'

Whether it be visiting grandparents for the weekend or the couple that first met on the 8.16 from Newcastle, train travel offers more than a ride- it can capture significant moments with a loved one and create the best of memories.

Celebrating the unique British love for rail travel, ‘I Love Trains Week’, TV presenter Donna Air is proudly fronting the week, sharing her fondest memories on the trains. To show her dedication for trains, Donna has even changed her name to Donna Trains for the week!

New research from East Coast Trains proves that our love affair with trains continues. With 70% loving the practicalities like avoiding traffic and 50% associating fun childhood travel memories with train travel. A further 41% of people associate the phrase ‘Meeting new people’ with travelling by train over any other mode of Transport.

Train travellers have even experienced a random act of kindness or generosity from a fellow passenger whilst travelling on a train and many associate trains with gaining new friends as well as 9% of passengers finding love.

So it’s no surprise we’re now more than ever ‘choo choo-sing’ to travel by train.

Donna ‘Train’ shares her fondest family memories on the train and finds out why we're completely off the rails for trains in this short film.



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