While the vast majority of coach stations are situated in city centres, airports are often on a city’s fringe or, in some cases, dozens of miles away from the city they purport to serve. Busbud, the coach booking platform for city-to-city trips around the world, calls out the aiports that aren't close to home.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport – 123km outside Frankfurt

Those hoping to enjoy the sights of Frankfurt and sample the famous flat “apfelwein” cider will be sorely disappointed if they fly to Frankfurt Hahn airport. While flights here are often cheaper, the airport is located a staggering 123km from the city centre, with the town of Wiesbaden between them. Although you can reach Frankfurt by train, the journey takes a minimum of 2 hours. A cheaper option is to hop on a coach.

Dusseldorf Weeze Airport – 80km outside Dusseldorf

Be prepared that Dusseldorf Weeze Airport is located 80km from the city centre. If you want to take the train into the centre of Dusseldorf, you will need to travel by taxi to reach the station in the nearby town of Weeze, so it’s far easier to take a coach directly from the station.

Milan Bergamo Airport – 54km outside Milan

If you’re keen to visit the world-renowned restaurants in Milan and sample some of the best Italian cuisine, it’s worth avoiding a flight to Milan Bergamo Airport, located 54km from the city of Milan. To reach Milan from the airport by public transport, it’s necessary to take a bus into the nearby city of Bergamo and then from there you can catch an hour’s train to Milan.

Belfast International Airport – 18km outside Belfast

If you’re looking for a good night out in one of Belfast’s many pubs and clubs, you’re going to have a longer journey than expected from Belfast International Airport before you can begin the fun. The airport is 18 miles outside Belfast’s city centre, which doesn’t sound a lot, but there is no rail station connecting it to the city. For those caught unawares, this means you have a 35 minute bus journey to contend with.

A spokesperson from Busbud, said: Airports based far outside the town they claim to serve can be very confusing for unsuspecting tourists, so it’s always a good idea to do plenty of research when planning trips. When travelling to the city centre from many of these airports, it’s easiest and cheapest to take a coach. This also reduces the stress of the onward journey as there are no changes needed.”


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