A new trend is emerging for holidaymakers- we’re saying ‘adios’ to beach holidays and saying ‘hola’ to new travel experiences.

The research carried out by ebookers.com specifically shows that we are a nation of culture vultures, with 35% of us planning our next trip based on the cultural attractions of a holiday destination.

The study also found that one in 10 of us will be scrapping the itinerary for our summer break this year, opting for a more spontaneous and rewarding experience.

ebookers has identified the 10 types of travellers who can be found across the nation:

1. The Sun Seeker

This traveller follows the sunshine, where there is white sand and glorious sunshine, this person will be soaking up the rays and partaking in a spot of bat and ball by the sea. Behavioural psychologist, Tomas, identified a sun-seeker as a ‘laid-back, extraverted type who enjoys to experience mainstream trends’. Nicole Richie is always spotted topping up her tan on white sand beaches around the globe, with St Tropez being a particular favourite hot-spot of hers.

Recommended Destination: Corfu, Greek Island

2. The Gastronaut

Driven by a love of food, this traveller browses the menus before they even step on the plane. Determined to try every type of cuisine there is, a Gastronaut is a ‘fun-loving, sophisticated, impulsive and, of course, pleasure loving character’ according to Tomas. In the celebrity world, supermodel Kate Moss is always found enjoying the best bars and restaurants across the world.

Recommended Destination: Rome, Italy

3. The Cityscaper

Whether it’s for work or play, this traveller is always on the go and has a jam-packed itinerary to check out the best cities around the world. Tomas said: ‘A Cityscaper is a curious, intellectual type, often already very cultured and can be driven by status – a very conscientious person’. Model of the moment, Cara Delevingne, is known for her jet-setting status, from city to city, for both work and play.

Recommended Destination: Berlin, Germany 

4. The Hollywood High Fiver

Popular culture and celebrity fans around the world choose their next destinations based on where the hottest A-listers are taking their vacation. ‘A very agreeable and sometimes obsessive type could be found booking this type of holiday’ says Tomas. Pixie Geldof is always spotted holidaying in the A-list hot spots along with her celebrity mates including Alexa Chung.

Recommended Destination: Los Angeles, USA

5. The Culture Vulture

‘A refined and curious character’, this traveller takes their guide-book with them wherever they go to soak up the world’s culture, ticking off a bucket list of iconic landmarks as they go. The One Direction boys are known for their cultural trips during breaks from their world tours.

Recommended Destination: Paris, France

6. The Adrenaline Junkie

This holiday is packed out with activities from sky-diving to jet-skiing, it is all about the thrills and the unbelievable moments – ‘An adrenaline junkie character would be extraverted and a risk-taker, perhaps a holiday maker that would opt for a last minute booking’ says Tomas. Often spotted enjoying an adrenaline packed holiday is Nicole Sherzingher along with her Formula One racing driver boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton.

Recommended Destination: Vancouver, Canada

7. The Wow Weekender

This ‘seize the moment’ traveller books spontaneous weekend trips around the world for fun-packed getaways for two or three days at a time. Tomas describes a wow weekender as someone who might have a ‘low attention span and is often curious about new cultures and experiences’. With a packed out schedule, Little Mix’s Perrie and One Direction’s Zayne are often spotted catching a weekend away together.

Recommended Destination: Prague, Czech Republic

8. The ‘Just Say Yes’ Backpacker

‘An informal, and scientifically inclined character would opt for a backpacking holiday’ says Tomas. This traveller packs all the essentials into their backpack and sets off for weeks, months, if not years of mystery and adventure! Princess Eugenie is known for her love of travelling the globe and experiencing different cultures.

Recommended Destination: Around the world!

9. The ‘On Tour’ Traveller

This music fan travels the world to experience the amazing live gigs across the globe, with many a story to tell. ‘A passionate and artistic type would opt for a music related trip’ says Tomas. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is always spotted catching her favourite bands around the world, most recently at the Coachella festival in California.

Recommended Destination: New York, USA 

10. The Great Escape

Escaping everything from their everyday life, this traveller takes two weeks out in the most remote areas of the world to recuperate with their nearest and dearest. ‘The most laid back of British travellers would be found on this type of holiday’ commented Tomas. Olivia Palermo always makes the most of her holidays by escaping to the world’s most exclusive beach resorts.

Recommended Destination: Maldives

Behavioural psychologist, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, commented; “Who you are determines what you like, and that also applies to holiday preferences. For instance, people who are open-minded and curious tend to prefer new holiday destinations every time (as opposed to re-visiting the same places); they are also more drawn to exotic, adventurous, and even dangerous places.”

“People who are more extroverted prefer to holiday with friends and going to places where they can meet new people. And people who are more conscientious like to plan ahead and organise every single minute of their holiday. They read reviews and study the hotels and restaurants to the last detail.”

Jessica Craker, ebookers spokesperson says: “With so many different types of travellers in Britain, ebookers offers the nation the perfect platform to find the most rewarding holiday possible.”



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