Modern technology has changed the face of travel, making it easier to explore and making the world more accessible. With the world as your oyster, what’s the best way to plan your unforgettable adventure?

Expedia recently sent off four Modern Explorers to retrace one of history’s most epic adventures – Marco Polo’s trip to discover the spice route. It consulted its in house travel experts, as well as some household names like adventurer Charley Boorman and Lonely Planet’s Tom Hall, to pull together top tips for planning the trip of a lifetime.

Top 5 Tips to Plan an Adventure

1. Travel guides are always a good source of information…

 ..But sometimes the best recommendations are from other people- and the advice is free.

"Get onto social media and ask questions about the areas you're going to. You'll be surprised at the amount of responses from people who want you to experience some of the amazing things they’ve discovered themselves,” adventurer Charley Boorman advises.

2. Learning a few foreign words goes a long way.

"Learning just a few words of the local language can be invaluable, especially when it comes to getting locals onside and showing them you're trying," says Tom Hall, Lonely Planet writer.

3. Just go

“Pick a date and don’t change it! It sounds simple, but one of the hardest things for someone who wants to go and explore is to actually do it,” says Charley Boorman.  Additionally, if you’re not someone who’s a natural planner and like to keep things simple, the Expedia mobile app enables you to book travel on the go.

4. Use technology to fully experience the destination.

“If you look back as far as the first explorers, they all took with them whatever the latest gadget was,” says Charley Boorman. Technology won’t replace travel, because the spirit of discovery remains strong. The smells, experiences, and tastes of a destination create the strongest memories. But technology frees us from constant rummaging through papers, and makes it easier to connect with people to travel like a local.

5. Step outside of your comfort zone and visit a place entirely new to you.

“Africa can really make people see things differently, and they realise the world is not as dangerous as people think it is,” says Charley Boorman. Having and keeping a sense of adventure enables you to experience things you wouldn’t have otherwise. 

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