If you’re still yet to jet off on a relaxing break to sunnier climates, are you worried about using the internet abroad and arriving home to a scandalous phone bill?


Draining 3G bundles in the UK and no national free Wi-Fi to rely on, connection costs are creeping up. Abroad the continued limited availability of free public Wi-Fi is pushing up roaming charges putting a damper on holidays.

Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagraming proves popular among sun seekers and holiday updates becomes priority for many during their summer break.

With a third of Brits packing their tablet or smartphone before anything else, staying connected while abroad is a simple expectation from today’s holiday makers, yet the reality is often a hefty bill from operators cashing in on the digital download craze.

Intel, has created a handy interactive map to highlight where in Europe you can rely on for free Wi-Fi.

The Free Wi-Fi Map highlights France as the best connected country in Europe for Brits going abroad, whilst Leeds offers unbeatable free public Wi-Fi in the UK.

The best free Wi-Fi is available for the most popular UK holiday destinations:

1. Edinburgh

2. Glasgow

3. Birmingham

4. Leeds

5. Bristol

6. Belfast

for more information, visit: http://iq.intel.co.uk/wifi/

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