Travelling alone may make some of you panic and give you the hot sweats but it seems that many aren’t afraid to take the plunge and fly the skies alone.


New research has found that British holidaymakers are increasingly booking breaks alone as they prefer their own company and don't want to compromise on their precious time away., who carried out the survey revealed that 28% have already taken a solo trip abroad and a further 32% plan to do so in the future.

Men lead the way when it comes to travelling solo as 34% travelling alone. Surprisingly, 15% say they were inspired to go abroad alone by chick-lit novels such as ‘Eat, Pray, Love’.

Women aren’t shying away from seeing the world by themselves either as 24% are choosing to holiday alone. However, a week away with the girls is also popular as 47% of British women state they’ve been on an all-female holiday at least once.

The top reason for travelling alone was that they enjoy their own time, proving that we’re a solitary bunch. 27% want to holiday on their own schedule and 19% admit to travelling alone as they want to meet some new people. Sadly, 25% are forced to go it alone because all their friends were coupled up and they had no one to holiday with. 



The study also found that the number one destination for those packing a single bag for one is the UK. Travellers are choosing to stay on home soil, followed by the US with 23%, Greece 12% and Australia 11%.

However, the beach still proves popular with 40% of us choosing to travel overseas and 18% holidaying on a city break 18%.

When booking our holidays we aren’t afraid to dig deep to get what we want. As a nation, we spend an average of £1,361 a year each on our getaways, with 31% splashing out over £2,000 annually.

For those reluctant to travel alone, partners are the favoured companion followed by best friends.

David Herrick, Managing Director of, said: "Solo travelling has never been so popular – more and more of us are at it as we look to get away for some ‘me time’. Packing a suitcase for one, booking the window seat on a flight, and getting away from it all with a few days to ourselves is the modern day retreat.

“Given how seriously we take holidays as a nation, spending nearly £1,500 a year on trips, it’s not surprising that we want it to be the perfect break – even if that means doing it by ourselves.

“At, we've put together a fantastic range of deals for all kinds of holidays so you can find your perfect match. Whether you're travelling solo, with mum, or your canine companion, you'll be able to book at a great break at a low price.”

Top five reasons for solo travelling:

1. Enjoying my own time 39 per cent

2. Deciding to be brave 31 per cent

3. Wanting to follow my own schedule 27 per cent

4. Being single and all friends coupled up 25 per cent

5. Wanted to meet new people 19 per cent

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