The report has exposed the truth about the nation’s holiday habits and the threat it’s having on the UK holiday home market.

The iProperty Company, who carried out the study found that ignoring home improvements, putting off general repairs and refusing to update old décor are putting the value of holiday homes at risk.

The research also revealed that over half of Britons have a lackadaisical attitude towards maintenance of their holiday abodes compared with a ‘house-proud’ approach to their permanent houses.

While 100% of participants admitting that they bought their holiday home with every intention of improving it.

A surprising 79% admitted they hadn’t even picked up a paintbrush since their first holiday, despite 58% of people visiting their holiday home at least four times a year with some going as many as once a month.

Top household horrors overlooked by ‘Holiday-Sloths’ include broken toilets, floral carpets, mismatched sofas, leaking taps and avocado bathroom suites.

Other décor faux pas that have slipped down the priority list include net curtains, odd and novelty crockery and flocked wallpaper. A typical holiday sloth is also guilty of having out-of-date tinned foods in their holiday home and will rarely wash up straight after a meal, dust shelves or mow the lawn.

Nearly a quarter of respondents admitted to having ignored light bulbs that needed changing, 33% said their homes needed a lick of paint and a whopping 67% revealed missing doorknobs and/or handles on drawers.

Says John Candia, CEO of The iProperty Company: “The allure of time away from the grind for the quarter of a million Brits who own holiday homes in the UK and beyond, means the usual 'keeping up with the Jones' behaviour is abandoned, and household snags that would usually irritate at home, are overlooked.

“Obviously relaxation is important whilst on holiday, but Holiday-Sloths should be warned that continual neglect of their homes could seriously devalue the property when it comes to selling.

“Maintaining a presentable holiday home is important – especially in what is a rising market where homeowners can accumulate more equity and use it to re-mortgage and buy additional property.

“Our consumer insight shows that a well presented home is high on the tick list for holiday home buyers. For places outside of cities, being near the coast, warmer in summer with safe places for children to play are other must-haves for the majority of those looking for a second home.”

Top tips from The iProperty Company for avoiding the Holiday Sloth curse of a devalued property:

  • Try to be objective with an annual holiday home inspection to maintain the property
  • Keep on top of repairs and touch up décor – do at least one job per visit
  • If you plan on selling, have a major clear out and consider redecorating
  • Using professional cleaners will add significant sales value if you can´t face doing it yourself
  • Holiday homes tend to end up as depository for ugly and unwanted items – be ruthless

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