We are often bombarded with new - latest innovations in bags, back packs or carry all’s, but in all honesty how many are just re-works of the same thing that’s already out there and really no real improvement apart from a hefty jump in price.

So how refreshing it was to receive what has turned out to be a great innovative back pack that really delivers true improvement and versatility.

The Stolt Alpha

The Stolt Alpha

The Stolt Alpha

This sleek business bag is also a sports backpack carrying your daily essentials and even packs your suit in which arrives crease free – yes crease free.

With descriptive terms such as ‘designed for the active professional’ a backpack, a sleek business/cabin bag, a technical sports bag, a bag for an active commute to the office and everywhere in between, even a short business trip, so we decided to try it out.

My family had flown out on holiday but with work commitments I was going to be following them out a day later so here goes.

I packed my suite, shirt, shoes for the office, popped my laptop in the purpose-built compartment and the rest of my work bits before cycling into Manchester centre to work.

The Stolt was easy to handle, the hideaway shoulder straps kept comfortable to carry while riding.

A quick change at the office and true to claim my suite and shirt emerged crease free so that challenge was met and delivered.

After work it was a reversal as my cycling gear went back on and my suite returned in the bag before home. Again, great to carry and another claim that an antimicrobial treatment meant odours were not transferred around the bag, it meant when I took my suite out it still smelled fresh and clean.

The next morning I was down to London for a meeting with one of my clients before a trip on the Heathrow Express to catch my flight out to Portugal so again it was necessary to pack a change of clothes for flying in, a day’s office work which again included my computer, essentials for the journey because I did not want to take a case that needed to go in the aircraft hold. After a day’s work followed by a two and a half hour flight I did not fancy waiting at baggage reclaim for an hour or more.

The Stolt swallowed it all and when I boarded the plane freshly attired with everything in my bag the Alpha slipped neatly into the overhead locker.

The Stolt Alpha is certainly an innovation that lives up to its claims, forget the separate ‘gym bag’ – flight bag - business case - this is a great multi-purpose single bag that will you wonder why no one else has come up with.

Features include: 

+ The specifically designed removable STOLT garment box. 

+ Separate compartments for your laptop and sweaty activewear. These compartments keep the bag moisture and odour free. 

+ Waist and shoulder straps for runners/cyclists. 

We give the Stolt Alpha a 5 Star review for versatility and living up to all the claims.

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