Toiletries are the most popular item to be taken from a hotel

Toiletries are the most popular item to be taken from a hotel

We understand taking the mini toiletries from a hotel room, but batteries out of the TV remote? That’s definitely a step too far.

More than two in three British travellers have admitted, in a TripAdvisor survey, to taking something from a hotel room following their stay. Toiletries and cosmetic items are the most popular things to be taken as many guests deem them to be complimentary.

There are even some vacationers that think it’s acceptable to take the towels, light bulbs and coat hangers!

However it seems that travellers haven’t told the whole truth when answering the survey as only 7 per cent of global travellers and 5 per cent of British travellers said they had taken towels from hotel rooms, yet an alarming one in four hoteliers reported towels going missing following a guest’s stay!

Travellers revealed that their key motivators for choosing accommodation were the freebies. Because of this in the last year interest in complimentary amenities has gone up, which leads hoteliers to think that the best way to attract guests is to offer free services within their daily rates. 68 per cent of Travellers now expect the hotel they choose to have in-room Wifi.

James Kay, a TripAdvisor spokesperson, said: “It seems some of us Brits are prone to stretching the bounds of what is a legitimate hotel freebie, but we’re not alone. Travellers from around the world are apparently pilfering items such as towels and clothes hangers, with US hotels the most likely to report these items missing.”

Maybe it’s time that people learnt where to draw the line. What have you taken from a hotel room?

Jessica Lindley - Female First