Turton & Entwistle reservoir

Turton & Entwistle reservoir

Turton & Entwistle reservoir is a place that I have been wanting to explore with my camera for quite some time... if you are passionate for nature photography it really doesn't disappoint.

That area of Edgworth is great for walking, as the Wayoh reservoir is also just down the road and perfect if you want to get out and about locally with your camera.

No matter where you live, reservoirs are a perfect place to take photographs as they are packed with a range of wildlife - birds in particular flock to these bodies of water and you can spot a wide range of species.


Wagtail, Cormorant, Canada Geese, Mallard, and black-headed gulls were just some of the birds that I managed to spot during my walk around the reservoir.

I have never seen a cormorant before, so to be able to snap that on the reservoir was a great moment.

You can stick to the path around the reservoir, or you can explore the woods that surround the water, and they are also packed with wildlife.


There are more birds on the wood floor alongside with animals such as squirrels - there are rumoured to be deer also in the area, but I didn't see them on my first visit.

As well as snapping animals, I am also partial to flowers, and there is a wild array of different ones to spot on the way around.

The likes of foxglove, dog rose, common spotted orchid, and hogwood to watch out for.

Common Spotted Orchid

Turton & Entwistle reservoir is a local beauty spot that really can spend all day exploring with your camera, or it is perfect place for a run or to walk your dog.

These great places are just on your doorstep and it is well worth exploring your own area for some great places to walk and take picture. The only think it will cost you is a bit of parking.

Turton & Entwistle reservoir is one of the most exciting local spots that I have explored recently, and I really cannot wait to return to see what I can spot second time around. Wayoh reservoir is also another spot that I intend to check out over the coming weeks.

Dog Rose

If you have a local walk of nature spot that you love to photograph, let us know about it.

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