Las Vegas / Picture Credit: Pixabay
Las Vegas / Picture Credit: Pixabay

If you’re thinking of taking a fun road trip your options are somewhat limited, depending on where you live. A lot of people opt for visiting brick-and-mortar casinos for the excitement, glamorous environment, and all-around relaxing time.

Two of the most important names in the gaming world are Las Vegas and Macau.

Both cities have been built around casinos and their respective hotels and you would be hard-pressed to find better spots where you can enjoy a few days of relaxation and play. Still, with online casinos growing in popularity each year, you might want to weigh your options carefully before choosing.

Here is a quick rundown of brick-and-mortar casinos and their complicated histories:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was officially founded in 1905. By 1910 the State of Nevada had outlawed games of luck like most of the other states in the US. But, between 1930 and 1941, the Hoover Dam was built.

This meant that thousands of male workers were spending the better part of a year working in the area. Thus local businesses started targeting them with entertainment venues like casinos and showgirl theaters.

This allowed casinos to be legalized in 1931 and more and more gaming venues started popping up all over the city.


Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

The city of Macau was the first East Asian colony, colonized by the Portuguese in 1557. The port thrived for more than a century but its prosperity ended in the 1800s.

Casino gaming was legalized during the 1960s and thus, Macau became a place where the casino industry is now the main source of income for most of its citizens. Right before it handed control of the region to the Chinese government in 1999, the Portuguese improved the infrastructure immensely by building a huge international airport as well as new bridges that would connect Macau’s two islands.

All of these projects have transformed Macau into a hotspot for tourism, rife with casinos and luxury resorts.

Comparing Macau to Vegas

When it comes to hotel stays, Las Vegas is the definite winner with almost 99% of visitors spending at least a night of their stay in a hotel. In Macau on the other hand, only 50% of visitors do.

This could also be correlated to the fact that most Las Vegas trips usually last for 2-3 nights while Macau trips are mostly for one or two days.

As a result of all of this, Macau currently has 113 hotels with a grand total of 37,634 rooms, alongside cheaper motels and hostels that have somewhere around 1,500 rooms. While that sounds pretty impressive it pales in comparison to what Las Vegas has to offer, with over 148,690 hotel rooms.

Most hotels in Las Vegas average around 2000-3000 rooms. Make note that these numbers don’t include other services like Airbnb.

Your average hotel room in Las Vegas will generally set you back $130. Obviously, there are plenty of other more expensive variants.

Picture Credit: Clifford Photography via Unsplash
Picture Credit: Clifford Photography via Unsplash

You can clearly spend a small fortune for a couple of nights in Vegas if you want to enjoy the high life.

On the other hand in Macau, a 3-star hotel will cost you anywhere from $90-161. You can find other options for as little as $30 per night.

Las Vegas has roughly 42.9 million people that visit every year and 69% of them get to playing casino games. In direct comparison, Macau attracts 30 million visitors of which 74% go out to play.

Even though the average casino visit budget in Las Vegas is $619 compared to Macau’s $250, the total casino revenue in Las Vegas every year is $11.1 billion while Macau rakes in a staggering $28 billion.

One main difference you should note if you enjoy drinking is that Macau completely forbids the consumption of alcohol inside casinos. Smoking is also limited only to special smoking lounges.

Don’t even think about breaking these rules because receiving a fine will cut down on your budget. When you get down to the actual playing rooms, you can find a lot of the same games in both places but there are differences in popularity.

Slot machines are extremely popular in Las Vegas while other table games like Baccarat dominate the Macau scene. So if you have a clear preference between slots or table games then your choice is easy to make.

What are your other options?

People visit casinos for many reasons: to get some excitement into their lives, to change-up their routine, out of curiosity, and of course, to play some games and win some money.

While there are other places that you could visit for a gaming trip, most of them will still put a lot of pressure on your wallet. Visiting a new place is fun and all but not everyone can afford the expense.

This is where online casinos come into play to help you out. By opting to visit an online casino you can simply bypass all those added expenses and just enjoy the games themselves. Most of them offer a huge variety of games for all tastes.

Whether you’re into slot machines, poker, baccarat, or blackjack, online casinos have it all.

And when you get down to it nothing can beat the comfort of your home. You don’t have to figure out what the dress code is or if the hotel you’re about to stay at will have the type of pillow that you need for a good night’s rest.

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