While Vietnam is one of the safest countries in the world for British travelers, being prepared is critical. Read on for some travel, safety, and health tips to make your trip enjoyable. 

Vietnam Holiday Advice

Vietnam Holiday Advice

Apply For A Visa

As a British national, whether or not you should have a Vietnamese visa depends on the length of your trip. UK citizens do not need a visa to enter Vietnam for trips lasting less than 15 days. However, if your trip will last 30 days, and you will be traveling by air you can get your visa on arrival. If you have to apply for a Vietnam online visa you will have to complete the steps below. 

Present a visa application form online. Once your application is accepted you will get an approval letter.

Carry your passport and approval letter with you on your trip. An immigration officer will give you your entry visa and stamp once you arrive at any international airport in Vietnam.

British citizens can also obtain a Vietnamese visa from the Vietnam Embassy. To use this method, present your passport and the following data to a consulate near you.

  • Birthday
  • Your full name as displayed on your passport
  • Passport number
  • The date you plan to arrive in Vietnam. Remember, you can enter the country later than the date you indicate but not earlier. 
  • Nationality, as indicated on your passport

After submitting your application you will need to return to the embassy after a few days to collect your stamped visa. 

Avoid Thin or Single Strapped Bags

Many British citizens love thin-strapped bags but if you are traveling to Vietnam you should avoid them. Bag snatchers in Vietnam are a never-ending threat and you may encounter them when visiting touristy regions.

Often, they will operate in pairs and target bags that are easy to snatch. If you have to carry a purse or single strap bag then you want to hold it safely. Choose a backpack to be on the safe side. 

Go to an International Hospital if you Fall Sick

Medical insurance for UK travelers is mandatory. If you happen to fall sick while in Vietnam, opt for an international hospital. Doing so helps you avoid long queues, poor communication, and cramped conditions in local facilities.

You may want to research the best international hospital before your trip. Remember, there are not many ambulances in Vietnam. In case of any emergency, victims are ferried to the hospital in taxis. 

Should I Sample Street Food?

Sampling local cuisine is one of the reasons many UK residents travel to Vietnam. If you have to sample food from the streets, then ensure the vendors have a physical store. Do not buy food directly from the street where the standards of hygiene may be compromised. Remember, sampling health and clean street food are one of the best ways of meeting and interacting with the locals. 

What about the Heat?

The weather in Vietnam varies greatly from that in the UK. Vietnam is usually humid and hot throughout the year and the heat may leave you with sunburns. Always wear sunscreen especially when you are outside.

Beware of dehydration and heat exhaustion whose symptoms can be irritability and headaches. Drink enough water and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Seek medical help immediately if you experience a feeling of nausea, dizziness, weakness, and high body temperature. 

Take Away

While Vietnam is a safe country, visitors from the UK and other countries should avoid being on the streets alone at night. Always take a taxi to your hotel if you are out late. Have a friend or tour agency recommend a reliable taxi operator.



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