Last month I travelled to what marked my fiftieth country explored, I spent time in Croatia for the very first time and the country made a real mark on my mind for all the right reasons.

Sabrina in Dubrovnik

Sabrina in Dubrovnik

I started my week-long adventure in the main tourist hotspot, the city of Dubrovnik, a city that I would recommend as a destination to discover for anyone reading this as soon as you possibly can! The destination boasts a fairy tale old town that is a wall to wall UNESCO world heritage site and a coastline of dazzling turquoise waters and picturesque pebble beaches.

I stayed at the Valamar President Dubrovnik, a stylish and modern five star resort located in the Babin Kuk area of the city. It was the perfect luxury escape for a few days with the comforts of a large spacious room with a view, a sundeck and large swimming pool, varied and delicious menus and one of the best looking beaches in the area.

Dubrovnik is a city that just has to be explored, there’s so much beauty in such a small area be that on land or at sea. It’s impossible to limit your vacation just to the hotel as inviting as that may be! You can take a boat out to the beautiful pedestrianised Elafiti islands, spend a day at the trendy Bowa beach club or kayak around Lokrum island but if there’s one thing you must do when heading to the destination it’s visit the historical old town.

There’s so many factors that lend a hand to the stunning scene of Dubrovnik’s old town, it’s situated on the crystal clear coastline of the Adriatic Sea and the dream-like architecture of the town is uniform and unique creating a visual illusion that you’ve stepped back through centuries in time. From the moment you wander beneath the cast iron gates and glance up to the towering stone walls you feel as though you’ve entered a whole other world.

Once inside you can grab a bite to eat at one of the cute cafes, indulge in some retail therapy in one of the many boutiques or simply walk through the winding cobbled streets and take in the fairy-tale-like atmosphere.

For the truest wow factor experience climbing the walls and walking around the entire old town is an absolute must! The views from above and beyond are out of this world and it’s especially gorgeous to see at sunrise or sunset when the light glistens level with the Adriatic Sea casting another magical spell on the already whimsical old town!

Croatia as a destination has become increasingly more popular over the past few years and quite rightly so. With the stunning scenery of cities like Dubrovnik being showcased on the hit television series Game of Thrones and the wanderlust pictures of the old town and crystal clear waters popping up daily on inspirational travel feeds. As with any ‘grammable’ location it has inevitably become busier every year and with cruise ships docking daily the old town in particular is getting pretty overcrowded. If you want to see the spectacle of the wonderful wall then travelling in the shoulder seasons is highly recommended by me, it can get unbearably uncomfortable in terms of people traffic in the summer months and judging by it’s beauty it shows no signs of slowing down!

Written by Sabrina Chakici, TV Host & Travel Blogger at, follow Sabrina on instagram @sabrina_chakici