Nigel Marven

Nigel Marven

Colombia is a naturalist’s paradise, with more vertebrate species than any other country on Earth, including over 160 species of hummingbird and more than 800 types of frog

Brand new and exclusive to Eden, Wild Colombia with Nigel Marven (4x60” series), takes viewers on a journey with Nigel from the Andes to the Amazon, and the Pacific to the Caribbean. He travels to Colombia’s major habitats to meet rare and unusual creatures, many filmed for the very first time.

Over the course of the series, he heads deep into the Andes to see giant creepy-crawlies, thousands of species of frogs and birds that live like bats. He also travels along the mighty Amazon in search of anacondas and meets owl monkeys and enchanting hummingbirds near the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

Here are some exclusive clips from the show. Get a taster of what to expect from Wild Colombia below:

Wild Colombia with Nigel Marven, new and exclusive to Eden, Monday to Thursday at 8pm from 19th November

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