How do you feel in beachwear?

How do you feel in beachwear?

Sunshine found that many women are now shying away from holidays because of how they feel about their beach bodies. 18-25 and 40-50 year olds are the most conscious of baring their bodies on holidays by the beach or the pool.


One in five women put off going on holiday because they don’t feel happy in themselves.


Most women had a beach holiday in the last two years from the study, however 5% had never been on  a beach, and 13% said that they had not been abroad in more than 10 years.


21% admitted the reason for this was because of how they felt about baring all in their bathing costumes and bikinis.


69% of women diet or start going to the gym before a holiday, giving themselves 2 months to get themselves beach ready. Only 17% said that they feel good in their beach wear.


55% of women also look at other women in their bathing suits while on holiday to compare their own bodies to theirs.


Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of, said the following about the poll:


“I think it’s a huge shame that so many women are denying themselves holidays abroad because they’re worried about their appearance in a swimwear. Holidays are about getting away for a while and relaxing, so it’s no good if people decide not to go for reasons like this.


“Besides, you’re not likely to bump into anyone you know on holiday and so many people, all shapes and sizes, are in swimwear at beach and pool resorts, so no one need feel out of place or uncomfortable. Chances are, everyone else will be so busy enjoying their own holiday, they won’t be paying attention to what you look like in a bikini!”


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