Joclyn Manners

Joclyn Manners

This was one of the hottest thing I ever witnessed, my girlfriend and I were out Sunday night in Tokyo during our recent holiday. We had met a group of British and Australian men, many of who had Japanese girlfriends.

When we were in a private area at the first bar we attended, one couple of the group took things to the “next level”. This isn’t what stunned me and at the same time captivated me. It was their interaction, demeanor and way their relationship worked.

As this man was casually and captively looking at his Iphone, his Japanese girlfriend began to rub, unfasten and then go down on him. He didn’t even acknowledge her except for when she tried to stop. When she did though, he would push her head back down with his hands without even taking his eyes off the screen. He eventually “allowed” her to stop and we all decided to move on and headed to a Karaoke bar with the group.

She wasn’t allowed to speak to the other men, only the women. She only knew Japanese so she didn’t speak with us, I couldn't speak Japanese of course, but he spoke English perfectly.

A few of the other Japanese women spoke English okay so I loved talking to them, but I kept my eyes on this couple the whole time because I was in awe.

He touched her everywhere they went. Like… Um… When they would walk he’d keep his hand on the small of her back as if it was his form of a leash. The more I write this, the more I realize how difficult it is to explain.

I never did speak to him directly out of this group, but I did overhear him talk about things. His obvious view on women is that their only purpose is to serve and honor their man. He was never mean to her; he ordered her drinks and food, etc. for her (I very much love when men do that for me) as if he was her barrier from the world. He’s her shelter and in return she services him. It was amazing to witness.

I love their relationship. Just witnessing a few hours of their everyday lifestyle was so… I just never seen anything like it. (well, besides in my dreams!)

I just can’t get that couple out of my head now. That lifestyle seems perfect for me. I wouldn’t mind trying it out. I’m very submissive towards my men, but most are so easy going that I tend to be dominant as well. It’d be very interesting though to have a man that was completely dominant in every way. A guy that said “this is how things are going to be”.

I think that as long as the two people love each other and the woman isn’t in fear of her man and he in turn respects her then this type of relationship is okay. If he takes care of her in every way, takes care of her financially and gives her structure, safety and love, she in return gives the favor by treating him like her King.

This style of relationship would really work for me.

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