Some of the best moments in television come with the opening sequences, titles, credits or introductions for our favourite series on the box, and so we've decided to take a look at just what the years of 2000 onwards has given us so far.

From dramas, to comedies, it seems that HBO shows put a lot of effort into their openers and set up what's usually a fantastic series, but they're not the only production company that do well. Take a look below at our favourite 15 to-date.

Game of Thrones

Mapping out the places we're to explore in the series, so much thought must have gone into the 3D map of the world, with details changing week to week depending on the locations visited in the episode.

American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy always gives little hints and clues about what to expect from the miniseries he creates with his opening titles, and it's always fun to look back at them once a series is over to place everything and see what matched up. The music used is super creepy and hasn't changed in three seasons so far.


Dexter's morning routine is presented in a way unlike any other, and just his slicing of an orange manages to leave us feeling uneasy. Every day is an effort for our anti-hero, and that is portrayed through this sequence.

True Blood

I have to look away at a certain point each time True Blood titles hit the screen. A maggot consumes a dead fox and it's just too much for me to handle. Similarly, there's road kill displayed at some point, as well as what looks like the attempted drowning of a woman (likely referencing witches) and other strange things. Jace Everett's 'I Wanna Do Bad Things With You' is the perfect song to go with this opener.

Orange is the New Black

On first viewing, the Netflix original series' opening is a strange one, but after an explanation from Gary Bryman, executive producer of Thomas Cobb Group who designed the titles, we realise that the faces shown are actually real women rather than actors in the show. It was done so that viewers realised the show wasn't just going to tell the story of main character Piper Chapman.

True Detective

Full to the brim of morbid images of characters and locations visited throughout the series, the True Detective opening credits are a work of art. "What was most important to me is that the sequence had depth to it that unfolded with the show." said director Patrick Clair.

Modern Family

It's simply, yet so effective, and proves you don't have to have a fancy and long sequence to stand out. Each 'section' of the family we love to watch is presented and as time has gone by, we've watched the children grow and the adults age - it's simply fantastic.

The Walking Dead

Eerie, deserted and chilling. Something the series itself has managed to capture in just these moments alone, and has done well to continue to emphasise throughout.

House of Cards

Almost half of the shots of Washington DC have changed in the second season of House of Cards, and in some cases are different views of the same place. Time lapses are present and it's really a beautiful moment of imagery.


Is it blood, or is it wine? The man we all know loves to dine on human flesh makes us feel uneasy at every turn, and the opening to each episode manages to do the same.

Breaking Bad

Now iconic, Breaking Bad showed us a periodic table which tied into the chemistry roots of the show, hinting at the drug making business that was central to the storyline.


Another show which hid secrets within its opening sequence, the photos which changed revealed some moments that eagle eyed fans pieced together.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

We have The Who to thank for the fantastic nature of these titles. The imagery is good and fits with the theme of the show, but it is 'Who Are You' that made it so memorable.

Big Bang Theory

It's geeky, fun and unlike anything we've seen for any other show. The song by Barenaked Ladies - 'History of Everything' - is now recognisable within just seconds.

Pretty Little Liars

At first it seems innocent, and then we realise we're seeing the embalming of a dead body before our main characters stand over the coffin, and Lucy Hale tells us to "shh". The Pierces' 'Secret' is a fantastic choice to put over the titles, as well.

Did we miss your favourite opening titles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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