An Idiot Abroad

An Idiot Abroad

An Idiot Abroad may just be the world’s biggest, best, and most expensive practical joke, and returns to our screens tonight for another glorious run of episodes. But why does this unconventional travel show work so very, very well?

Focussing on Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s long-time collaborator Karl Pilkington, the show sees us follow him around the world, as he’s sent to different weird and wonderful places across the globe by his two comedic pals.

While this might sound like a fantastically wacky holiday to the rest of us, it’s pure hell for the solidly down to earth Pilkington. The man who goes “It’s not worth the fuss” when asked what superpower seems to be in a state of constant confusion throughout his trips though, much to the delight of his tormentors back home.

The show though works as more than just the joke form though, as Pilkington’s journey really does take him to amazing places and lets him meet some truly fascinating people. While Karl may make dry comments about them, the show allows us to get a fantastic view of different cultures. From seeing the inside of a Mexican Luchador’s world to a South African couple with a hippo for a pet, the show’s brings us a veritable smorgasbord of personalities.

But it’s Karl’s reactions that make the show what it is. One of the burning questions Karl has when he meets the aforementioned hippo owning couple? “Are you insured? What happens if it knocks over your plasma?”

While many would be bowled over by the surroundings, Karl simply seems to take it all in his stride, making him the perfect TV travel companion, giving the action on screen the room to breathe that so many bouncy presenters don’t and asking questions that just about none of us would think of.

This year though sees an added bit of spice in the form of Warwick Davis. The latest addition to the Ricky Gervais stable should make for fascinating TV, with the diminutive actor the polar opposite of Pilkington. Open to an adventure, gregarious and always up for a challenge, he should get Karl into all sorts of trouble.

With the world having more than enough hidden treasures for a lifetime of discovery, it looks as if Karl’s going to continue clocking up the air miles for some time to come. We can’t wait to see where he ends up next.


Karl Pilkington also joined the esteemed ranks of Ian Somerhalder, Ben Affleck Liam Neeson as out eye candy of the week, have a look why he made our very special list right here.

An Idiot Abroad’s third series starts tonight on Sky1 HD.

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