Call The Midwife's Festive Special

Call The Midwife's Festive Special

As the holidays loom up on us once again, all the Christmas TV specials are coming out of hiding to take over your tellybox this season.

So, being very much on the nice list over here, we’ve sifted through what’s going to be on this Christmas Eve, Christmas Day itself and Boxing Day to show you only the best of the best.

Merlin - Christmas Eve BBC One

The much-loved fantasy series comes to an end on Christmas Eve, with the second part of the climactic finale the highlight of the Christmas Eve entertainment.

We're all on the edge of our seats to see what final twists and turns the show has in store for us all, who makes it out and whether Merlin will truly prevail.

It may give us more than a twitch of sadness to see it leaving, but we hope it goes out with one heck of a bang.

Doctor Who – Christmas Day BBC One

For the first time in quite some time, we have a totally different Doctor Who dynamic, as with The Ponds having met their end on the show, we get to see The Doctor meeting new companion Clara (Jenn Louise Coleman) and battling a group of evil Snowmen controlled by a sinister Richard E Grant in Victorian London.

We can’t wait to see what the new dynamic is like, and with the episode decisively darker in tone than the previous few Christmas episodes, this could be something a little bit special.

Call the Midwife – Christmas Day BBC One

The first series of Call The Midwife was one of the most unexpected delights of this year, and with reports coming out that the Christmas special is a cracker, we’re confident this delivery will be a little bundle of joy.

While the show is bound to put a smile on your face come conclusion time, this is a Christmas special that mixes Chummy organising a nativity play and singing nuns with teenage pregnancy in the 1950s and the looming spectre of the workhouse.

Downton Abbey – Christmas Day ITV1

With Downton Abbey coming right back on song this year, this Christmas special could be just the way to cap off a great year of ITV’s biggest drama.

Funnily enough though, this looks like being the least festive Christmas special ever, as this episode will actually be taking place in the summer. We’ll not only see the Crawleys and a few select members of the staff head up to Scotland to their lavish summer home, but we’ll also get to see the rest of staff really let their hair down for once.

With romance, laughs and a tug-of-war contest in store, we’re sure that even if there isn’t a flake of snow on screen, that this will keep up Downton’s increasing reputation as a Christmas favourite.

Doors Open – Boxing Day ITV1

We love Stephen Fry. Stephen Fry trying to steal a painting with Primeval’s Douglas Henshall? Sounds like a recipe for brilliance to us.

Based off the Ian Rankin book of the same name, this one off caper will see the unlikely trio of a bored millionaire, an at expert and a recently redundant banker trying to steal a set of priceless painting and replace them with forgeries.

This sounds like the perfect cure for those post present blues, with a cracking cast of actors and great bit of source material.

The Girl – Boxing Day BBC Two

While this drama based on Alfred Hitchcock already aired in the US, now we finally get to see the dark and controversial take on his work with Tippi Hedren.

Made in conjunction with HBO, this looks to tell the darker side of the famous film director but has received criticism for its portrayal of the man.

The thing that’s gotten us the most intrigued though is the cast. With Toby Jones and Sienna Miller both getting Golden Globe nominations for their performances, it seems as if these twio blockbuster names deliver the sort of performances that we expect from them.

Got any other Christmas treats you can’t wait for? Let us know in the comments section below.


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