Katherine Kelly loves her 'Coronation Street' character's wardrobe.

The blonde beauty - who plays Becky Granger in the ITV soap - says she really likes the "trailer trash" clothes Becky wears.

She said: "Becky's wardrobe is so 'trailer trash'. I absolutely love it! When I go shopping for myself, I always bring something back for her. I bought her the gold necklace that says 'Becky'."

Katherine also explained how she maintains her stunning appearance.

She added: "My handbags are like school satchels. They have to be a certain size to fit all my scripts in. And I always carry a tube of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream in my bag because I have extremely dry lips."

Katherine recently revealed she was made to dress up while on a walking holiday so she wasn't recognised by fans, admitting viewers are used to seeing her dress dowdy so when she dresses up no one gives her a second glance.

She said: "I went to the Lake District for a break with my boyfriend, Oliver, and didn't wear any make-up for the whole time. I was in wellies, it was raining non-stop, and so I was recognised a lot because I looked such a mess. At one point, Oliver asked me to put on some slap and high heels so that people wouldn't realise it was me!"

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