Girls is a show with absolutely no competitors. Too candid, forthright and sombre than 99% of comedies, far funnier and playful than the hard hitting American dramas we've become so accustomed to.

What Girls is though is an absolute must watch; a show that could quite easily be looked on in the years to come as a classic.

Witten by, staring, produced and directed by Lena Dunham, who you can read more on right here, the show premiered earlier this year on American cable channel HBO to almost unilateral praise, with critics falling over each other compliment the show’s fantastic writing and becoming the second highest rated new show of the year on Metacritic, with only Homeland beating it.

The critics weren’t wrong either, as Girls is a clever, emotional show that manages to mix laughs with drama like very few shows can.

Girls also makes the brave and bold choice to not have all of its characters be endearing. While most show’s will try and make, at the very least, it’s central character a loveable individual, Girls’ Hannah is not always the good guy. She can be incredibly annoying and selfish, but the show pulls through as she’s not allowed to let this pass her by.

The show’s honesty is its calling card. The characters are confused and unsure of life, their relationships are flawed and unsteady and sex is never portrayed as anything other than slightly awkward and undignified and not always done by the most beautiful people in the world.

It’s a beautiful rebuttal to Sex And The City, with characters given expectations of New York by the adventures of Carrie and Sam, only to be let down by what they would come to find.

While Girls may not pack a thousand laughs every episode, the overall tone is too melancholic really to compete with regular sit-coms, it is laugh out loud funny when it wants to be. Hannah’s delusions of grandeur and her horrid experiments with an eyebrow makeover later in the series proving to be laugh out loud funny.

Yes, it might get a little bit navel-gazing from time to time, but even at its most narcissistic, Girls is a brilliantly frank, honest and hilarious look at modern life at its complicated best.


Girls starts this Monday on Sky Atlantic tonight at 10pm.

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