After the first images came out for four season of Glee we’ve been hungry for more crumbs of information.

Now though, two weeks before the season premiere in the States on September 13th, Fox have released a new clip looking at the new entrants to the show.

Ranging from new hunk, and love interest for Rachel, Brody and Puck’s younger half-brother Jake to uppity new Ceerio Kitty, we get to see some of the latest inclusions into the New Directions.

We also finally get to have a look at Kate Hudson’s “mean and pretty” Cassandra, who’ll be clashing with Rachel as her new dance teacher.

Without further ado, here’s the video with all the details.


Glee season 4 starts in the US on September 13th, but UK audiences will have to wait until 2013 until Sky shows it over here.

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