Jackie Woodburne has revealed she did a lot of research in order to understand her 'Neighbours' character Susan Kinski's illness multiple sclerosis (MS).

The actress - who has played Susan since 1994 - insists she was determined to make the storyline as believable as possible.

Jackie said: "With a storyline about an illness such as MS, you really want to make it as truthful as you possibly can, and be respectful to the incredibly brave people who have it in real life. Obviously it's difficult to do within the confines of a TV show, but we've all worked very hard to make it honest.

"The MS storyline was presented to me in advance so I could start looking into it."

Jackie also revealed there is no chance of Susan - who was famous for her long hair - growing her locks back.

She said: "I could never grow it long again. I love the ease of having short hair. Back when it was long, I used to wash and dry my hair every morning at home before going into work. That added an extra half-hour to my day.

"Also, the show's bosses at the time believed that women should have long hair and men should have short. It was only after Karl and Susan broke up that she was allowed to cut it!"

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