Robert Vaughn in Hustle

Robert Vaughn in Hustle

Robert Vaughn is a Hollywood great, an actor whose career has spanned nearly 60 years and is littered with smash hits.

The star of The Magnificent Seven, Bullitt and The Man From U.N.C.L.E has now become the face of wisdom on Hustle, as veteran grifter and thief Albert Stroller.

With the show’s seventh series starting again on Sony TV and his personal favourite episode ‘The Delivery’ being aired on Tuesday night (along with three other cast favourites), we grabbed a few moments with him.


So, did you think that Hustle would make it so long?

Well, I think that generally when you’re doing a television series you generally tend to think that the year you’re doing is the last, especially after eight years.

Do you still enjoy being a part of the show?

I love doing the show; we’re all very good friends and are regularly in touch with other.

So, apart from the thieving of course, are you like Albert in any big way?

Not at all really, I’m not a whole lot like Albert,

You recently had a stint on Coronation Street. What was that like and were there any particular challenges?

That was a very pleasant experience. It was a little faster than we shoot usually but apart from that it was largely the same.

Did you still think more than four decades later that people would still remember you from The Man From UNCLE?

It never really went away. People always talked about it over those forty years so it’s always been a presence in my life.

It’s quite well known how paranoid Steve McQueen was, was it hard acting alongside him at all?

Well, Steve was a great friend of mine, so it wasn’t an issue at all. We knew each other for ten years.

With Hustle and Coronation Street, does the UK feel like a bit like home to you?

Well, it’s always been like a home for me. I first came here in the 60s to do a show called The Protectors, so the UK’s definitely like a second home.

And just to finish off, did you still think you’d be so busy in 2012 when you first started?

Well, you always hope so. Thankfully, all of those hopes have been realised.


Hustle series 7 is airing now on Sony TV and a special, cast chosen selection of episodes will be aired on Tuesday 30th October.

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