Sheridan Smith with Charmian Biggs

Sheridan Smith with Charmian Biggs

Sheridan Smith may have gotten her big break as the track-suit wearing Janet on the BBC’s rowdy sitcom Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, but with tonight’s Mrs Gibbs once again showing off her dramatic chops, Smith’s not going to have to done the jogging bottoms again anytime soon.

Two Pints may have been hated by critics, but Smith never was, as she was consistently the funniest part of the show, making her Adidas clad loser lovable.

Off the back of her lengthy stay in Two Pints, Smith was made the centre star of new BBC Three comedy Grownups. Unfortunately for her, the show was simply awful throughout its three series existence.

Even the awfulness of Grownups couldn’t tarnish her star too much though, as Smith shone in her guest role of acclaimed comedy Gavin and Stacey as well as easily holding her own in Benidorm and Love Soup.

It was when she decided to switch the TV screen for the stage though that she finally garnered the kudos she deserved.

Taking up the lead role in the musical adaptation of Hollywood movie Legally Blonde was a masterstroke. Playing to her great comic credentials, the show and her performance was a smash hit, earning her a prestigious Olivier Award.

Having then taken not only a second Olivier Award last year for her supporting role in a production of drama Flare Path, but a multitude of other awards, Smith now had all the credentials she’d ever need to break out of comedy and into more dramatic roles.

It’s only now though that we’re about to see the fruits of that labour, with her fantastic performance in tonight’s Mrs Gibbs simply being the tip of the spear for her dramatic re-invention.

With both TV drama Accused under her belt this year and upcoming ITV drama The Scapegoat and horror film Tower Block set to come out this year, Sheridan Smith’s is a name everyone should start getting used to seeing in their tele guides.

It’s not just on the small screen through where she’s been stepping out, as she’s also been part of period comedy Hysteria and has managed to snag herself a nice juicy role in the upcoming, Dustin Hoffman directed The Quartet.

Who would have thought that the girl laying the loudest of chavs on BBC Three would end up rubbing shoulders with Maggie Smith and be one of TV drama’s brightest lights?


Mrs Gibbs begins on ITV1 tonight (September 5th).

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