Stana Katic in Castle

Stana Katic in Castle

Stana Katic has become one of the most recognisable faces on American TV, with her part as the brilliant homicide detective Kate Beckett on Castle.

With series two of the hit cop drama starting on Channel 5 this November, we talked to the gorgeous Canadian actress about the show, her wanting to do more period pieces and how Kate Beckett somehow manages to always look glamorous while on a crime scene.


So what’s it like being in one of the most popular shows on American TV?

Well, I think you’ve got to credit most of the success to the fans that joined us early on and kept this wonderful grass roots following going and I think that we have a lot to be grateful for specifically to those people. It’s quite nice to say that I’m doing something that people are watching across the globe.


Kate Beckett’s such a great character, is she fun to play?

She is. She continues to be more interesting each season. The writers have found really neat ways of opening up the character. So that’s a real plus side, especially as we’re working on the fifth season now so it’s been quite a joy to play her.


The show looks like a really great atmosphere, is that right?

It’s funny, you don’t really know what you have until an outsider comes in. So when we have guest stars come in, they always go “Wow, you guys have a wonderful set”. From the crew to the actors, people feel very welcomed and I hope encouraged to bring their best work forward. So I think that’s telling of what the chemistry’s like on set.


Beckett’s steadily getting more and more glamorous, is that you getting more input onto the outfits?

Well, in the first season, the creators were very concerned that she looked like a believable cop. Of course, she’s a girl in New York City and a bit of glamour’s always believable for any girl born and raised in New York. Those girls, it doesn’t matter if they have no budget, they manage to always look really wonderful.

I think there’s the opportunity for every female character that’s in a position of power to be sensual and to express their femininity while also having authority in certain circles. So I think there’s enough latitude in our world today for that to be ok.


You personally do fencing, falconry, horse riding, yet none of that’s appeared on the show. How come? When can we see Beckett on a horse with a hawk on her arm?

I don’t’ know! Maybe Andrew’s [Marlowe, the show’s creator] just going to have to write me a medieval movie to get that done!


You’ve wanted to be an actress since you were four right?

Yeah, I remember being actually asked by a family friend of the time, who was suggesting ‘doctor, dentist’ and I just went ‘actress!’


How’s it been filming the movie CBGB?

We finished filming that with Alan Rickman and Rupert Grint. That was a whole lot of fun. It’s based on the rock club in New York City in the late seventies and early eighties when CBGB brought a lot of amazing punk rock bands to the fore-front. That was a fun movie to be in.


That’s a bit of a period piece, but is that something that you’d fancy doing more in the future?

I really love doing period pieces. I don’t feel I’ve gotten a chance yet in my career to explore it as much as I’d like to. So I’ll constantly look for opportunities to play in those worlds and hopefully be able to express those characters as well someday.


Just throw yourself at the Game of Thrones people over and over again!

Well, I actually met the author of the books and I obviously didn’t make the right impression yet but I’m doing my damnedest! (laughs)


So, finishing up, what’s next for you then?

Well, I have a production company and we’ve started optioning scripts and books, so we’re currently in development on one script. I’ve also got the Alternative Travel Project, which is a philanthropic initiative that I started a few years back and, well, I’m actually walking to work right now (laughs).

We’re trying to encourage people to get out of the bubble of their cars and embrace other forms of travel. Be it new technology, the subway, cycling, walking or even rollerblading. Apart from that, it’s just these wonderful 16 hour days at work! (laughs). I have absolutely nothing to complain about, I’m very lucky to have this wonderful experience.


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Series two of Castle starts on Channel 5 on November 9th.

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