There are an intense and exciting few weeks and months ahead for Neighbours fans, with a tragic hot air balloon crash next week sending the entirety of Ramsay Street into meltdown.

Alan Fletcher / Credit: Channel 5

Alan Fletcher / Credit: Channel 5

We got the chance to catch up with veteran actor Alan Fletcher - who plays Karl Kennedy in the show - to find out all about his role in the upcoming drama, what we should expect and more…

You won Best Daytime Star this week at the Inside Soap Awards - how did that feel?

I was thrilled to receive this away and I'm very grateful to everyone who voted for me. Equally pleasing was the fabulous support my colleagues from all the UK soaps offered to Neighbours and myself.

Can you tell us a little bit about a typical day on the set of Neighbours? If indeed there are any 'typical' days!

There are no typical days except that typically everything can change at a moment's notice! We are often running late, delayed by weather, actors can fall ill and machinery can break down. It is always a high pressure situation.

What should viewers and fans of the show expect from upcoming episodes?

Tons of top notch drama. From Monday October 10, the story of the hot air balloon crash starts and this tragedy has a flow on effect that impacts on the street for months.

We'll see Karl face a huge decision when he's been drinking but may be able to help save the life of somebody after the upcoming balloon crash - is this going to be a storyline that has huge ramifications going forward?

Yes, Karl's decisions and his actions place his medical career in danger, but there is a twist in this story.

How will we see Karl deal with the effects of the incident?

He is quite shattered and seriously begins to question his choices and abilities.

Alan Fletcher / Credit: Channel 5
Alan Fletcher / Credit: Channel 5

Can you give any hints as to what else viewers can expect from next week's explosive episodes?

Lots of moral conundrums arise. A mystery illness, huge dilemmas for Paige and Jack, Karl's career hanging in the balance… And much more!

As one of the longest serving members of the Neighbours cast, how have you seen the show evolve throughout the years?

The quality of production in every department and the look of the show has improved enormously over the last 10 years with the introduction of digital television.

Does the show feel more like home than work now?

I can honestly say that, whatever is going on in my life, the moment I arrive at work it all falls away and I enjoy being in a fun and creative environment. It does feel more like home than work.

You've also carved a career in music - should we expect more new material from you going forward?

I am still performing weekly at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow Hotel in St Kilda, and investigating new music directions for next year. Possibly a UK tour!

Finally, what's next for you in the coming weeks and months?

Besides music I am co-producing a short film and completing production on a pilot for a travel show.

Neighbours airs on Channel 5, weekdays - 1.45pm & 5.30pm .

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