Alex Reid and his superfan

Alex Reid and his superfan

Alex Reid is set to star on TLC's 'Love Gods and Superfans' series tomorrow night.

Nuneaton family The Fletchers love everything about cage fighting Alex Reid, and would love to one day meet him face to face.

“I love my fans. I’m honoured to be put on a pedestal, when I am no different or special from anyone else. I count my lucky stars and want to put back the fortune I have taken out to be good. I’m simply a people’s person, no airs or graces, I am Alex Reid.” Alex said of the experience.

The show will delve into not only the families life and their adoration of Reid, but his own life and opinions on certain matters including loving himself - "I am Alex Reid and I love Alex Reid", where his head's at - "I do live in a fantasy, I put my hand up, yep" and drawing strength from an oak tree - "I run up here and run round the tree three times because it's healing."

The show is sure to bring the laughs and is the last in the series.

'Love Gods and Superfans' airs Tuesday October 15 at 10pm.

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