Punk'd, Most Dangerous Game and The Demi Lovato Show are all available / Picture Credits: Roku
Punk'd, Most Dangerous Game and The Demi Lovato Show are all available / Picture Credits: Roku

With so many streaming platforms available, it’s easy for some to get lost in the fray! Today (August 9th, 2021), we’re taking a look at some of the best Roku Originals available via Roku devices on The Roku Channel. With superstars fronting their own shows, celebrity cameos and plenty of drama, there’s something here for everyone…

7. Punk’d

Chance the Rapper is the new frontman for one of the most iconic reality shows the world has ever seen. As Punk’d makes its return, more famous faces are put at the centre of disastrous and shocking scenarios, leading to some utterly hilarious results. With Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Thee Stallion and Tyra Banks amongst those on the receiving end of a punking, this is certainly one to watch if you need a good laugh!

6. NightGowns with Sasha Velour

RuPaul's Drag Race champion Sasha Velour is one of the most iconic performers the world of drag and artistry has ever seen. Taking their tour worldwide, this documentary allows fans to go back and see Velour, along with their cast members, prepare for the biggest showcase of their lives at the legendary NightGowns.

5. The Demi Lovato Show

Having premiered at the end of July on The Roku Channel, The Demi Lovato Show sees the world-renowned superstar invite an incredible lineup of celebrity guests, experts and friends to chat about some of the most topical subjects of the modern world. This includes a discussion from Lovato with two of their best friends in the world, where they address her overdose and how worried they were about losing them.

4. Fight Like a Girl

Some of the WWE's biggest Superstars are their female competitors and now, in an exciting reality series, they will act as mentors to a group of women who are looking to reboot their lives. Though they're not looking to become wrestlers or WWE performers, they're fans who are looking to some of their favourite stars to change their life's trajectory to a positive one.

3. Murder Unboxed

Unboxing videos on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube are hugely successful. We've watched as people unpack classic boxes of Pokémon cards, as well as mystery packages full of exciting treats and many others. What we haven't ever seen however, is the unboxing of outlandish evidence from real-life criminal cases. If true crime is your thing and you’ve been looking for a unique new series, then Murder Unboxed is the perfect show for you.

2. Most Dangerous Game

Based on the 1924 short story of the same name by Richard Connell, Most Dangerous Game stars Liam Hemsworth as former athlete and bankrupt real estate developer Dodge Tynes, who lives in Detroit. Passing out one day, he awakens in a hospital where he is told his pregnant wife has an inoperable brain tumour. They also hand him a card for a company that claims to help those with terminal illnesses and a lack of medical funds. Seeking out those who may help however, soon turns into a strange ‘game’; one in which Dodge must compete to help his wife, secretly, whilst being hunted by a group of five psychopaths.

Murder House Flip

Combining true crime with the world of real estate, this addictive series takes us on a journey through multiple homes that played host to a wide range of devastating criminal activities. Home improvement specialists Mikel Welch and Joelle Uzyel are tasked with renovating these infamous abodes, taking them from morbid and mysterious, to stunning and marvellous.

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