Cameron Murray

Cameron Murray

2013 is just over a month away from being kissed goodbye, and so we've decided to take a look at some of our favourite soap storylines that have gone down this year.

Coronation Street - Roy and Hayley Learn Of Hayley's Cancer

Hayley and Roy spend time in Blackpool / Credit: ITV

There wasn't a dry eye in the country when Hayley Cropper discovered she had terminal cancer, and her constant battle for her husband's approval over her right to die when she chooses has the nation split.

The storyline has been acted out in class, and manages to wean a smile out of viewers with some funny scenes - including Roy's driving lessons - as well as moving us in a way only few can do.

Emmerdale - Creepy Cameron's Capture

Cameron following the crash in which Gennie died / Credit: ITV

Cameron Murray was finally caught this year, after months of murdering rampages to keep his secrets hidden from the rest of Emmerdale.

It was Marlon who saved Debbie and Chas Dingle from a deadly fate, when he fortunately awoke from an unconscious state in a flooding cellar. Far-fetched, yet brilliant.

Hollyoaks - Will's Dodgy Exposure

Will Savage before falling with brother Dodger / Credit: Lime Pictures

Will Savage took hostages in his final act in Hollyoaks as his manic turn reached boiling point.

Dodger Savage confronted his brother on the rooftop, and while Will continued to taunt him about his old flame Texas, the two fell from the rooftop which saw Will paralysed for real before being taken to hospital and jail. Perfect karma.

Eastenders - Michael Moon Meets His Maker

Kat and Alfie mourn Michael / Credit: BBC

Things came to a head this Halloween between Michael Moon and Janine Butcher, with poor Alice Branning taking the fall for them all.

Janine ensured that Michael wouldn't live past Halloween night by stabbing him for a second time, then pinning the entire thing on a confused Alice.

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