Gogglebox's Steph & Dom / Credit: Channel 4

A study by TalkTalk TV has found that one in five British television fans are angered when a friend or family member deletes a show they've recorded to enjoy later.

It was just one of the annoying TV habits found to plague UK residents, as a whopping 75% admitted their pet hate was being asked a heap of questions about what is happening on screen.

Those who answer phone calls, guess the ending, hog the remote control and eat noisily were also blasted in the responses to the study.

Most desireable characteristics in a TV companion saw over half placing importance on their partnet enjoying the same shows as them, whilst a third preferred a quiet friend who stays silent throughout an entire show, focusing on the action rather than being distracted by technology included tablets and smartphones.

Also scoring highly were forward thinkers that pre-record programmes so ads can be fast forwarded through, as well as someone who introduces you to new shows matching your interests.

Silence seemed to be golden for some, but others enjoyed partaking in running commentary and 'banter' whilst Steph and Dom from Channel 4's Gogglebox came in as the people who most Brits would like to watch telly with.

The Dos and Don'ts of the perfect TV companion:


1. Sit quietly throughout the whole programme
2. Watch TV with someone that likes the same programme as you
3. Only discuss the programme with someone that is watching it once the programme has ended
4. Give 100% to a prgramme rather than be distracted by phone calls, emails, social media and tablets
5. Pre-record the whole programme so you can sit down to watch it all the way through with no interruptions
6. Introduce your friends and family to new programmes


1. Constantly question storylines and character behaviour
2. Channel change - constantly flick from one to the next
3. Take phone calls
4. Eat noisily
5. Second guess what's going to happen
6. Make jokes or sarcastic comments
7. Hog the remote
8. Forget to record a programme for you
9. Delete recorded programmes on the planner
10. Spoil endings by looking on social media

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