Beth Bieda was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house / Picture Credit: Global
Beth Bieda was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house / Picture Credit: Global

Can you believe we’re about to reach the end of the ninth season of Global’s Big Brother Canada? What a ride it has been!

Beth Bieda has undoubtedly been one of the biggest characters of the season, with a bubbly personality and infectious charm that has seen her kept around right up to final five.

At this point however, she was evicted from the house. We caught up with her to chat all about the game, her relationship with Jedson and more…

Going out at this stage would be tough for anybody, so how are you holding up following the eviction?

I’m okay! I had the week to understand that it was my time to go. I’m proud of the game I’ve played and, I’m feeling alright.

Why do you think the house ultimately decided to keep Tera over you?

There really are two duos in the game. Kiefer needed Tera because he knew that’s the best chance he’ll get taken to final three, possibly final two. I guess with Ty and Breydon, I have no idea why they decided to keep her over me! 

Ty did say that he believes no matter what if I had made it final four, anybody would have taken me because the Jury didn’t like me, but I don’t know. I guess the trust there was just so broken between him and I, that he didn’t think that I was actually taking him to the end with me.

If you had stayed and then won the next, vital HOH, who would have been your target to send home?

Kiefer! I would’ve been sending Kiefer out of that house. He is the best player in that game. I’m so proud of him for how far he’s made it and it would’ve been a crazy good move.

We saw you get close to Jedson in the house! Is that something you hope to continue to explore outside of the game?

100%! I would love to pursue a relationship with Jed outside of here.

Jedson's been a major player throughout this season / Picture Credit: Global
Jedson's been a major player throughout this season / Picture Credit: Global

Why didn’t you throw Jedson a pity vote during his vote off?

Who needs a pity vote in the Big Brother Canada house? If I was gonna make it to the end of that game, I needed to own that move and, if I gave him a pity vote, there was no way I could’ve done that.

How differently do you think this week would have played out if Jed had come back into the house instead of Tera?

I think that it would’ve been a very, very, very different week. I think maybe I would’ve won HOH and if it wasn’t me, it would’ve been Jedson and we would’ve been making our way into final four.

You are now a member of the Jury, so what are you looking for in your winner of this season?

I’m looking for somebody who played this game from the beginning to the end and never took their foot off the gas. I want somebody who fought their way for this $100,000!

Is there anything that you personally have at the top of your list to find out from your fellow Jury members?

I really, really wanna know more about Breydon’s game. I wanna know how involved he was in some decisions; if he really kinda was just floating through the game. I hope not, but I wanna know what else was going on whilst a few others of us were working our asses off.

Reflecting on your game, is there anything that you would change if given the chance?

Yeah! Oh, Kiefer would’ve been gone on Jedson’s HOH and, I think that I would’ve really went all the way with Jed. I wanted that big move under my belt but it might not’ve been the best decision.

Finally, if you were asked to return for a future season, would you do so?

Absolutely, without a doubt! I love this game!

Big Brother Canada Season 9 concludes this week on Global.

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