Big Brother Canada was a chaotic MESS this past week during its Double Eviction, which first sent Emily home in a near-unanimous vote up against her BFF, Dillon. We got the chance to catch up with Emily following her eviction to find out more about her time in the house, who she’d like to win and more…

Emily was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house

Emily was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house

Now that you’ve had some time to reflect on your time in the house, how do you feel about the whole experience?

It feels like a dream; it doesn’t even feel real. I feel like I have a bunch of regrets and things I would have done differently… I would have tried to make better connections with people and honestly talk more game. Sometimes you can overdo it when you talk game, but I think I underdid it. I felt like things were good with me and my alliance, little did I know I was wrong! I think Dillon and me should have branched out more together.

Why do you think you were taken out of the house and not Dillon?

I think that the house saw me as the brains behind the operation. I had a lot of control over what Dillon did in the game and I think once they got me out, they could control him instead of me. I don’t wanna say I controlled him, but I was controlling him! (laughs)

If you were to go back into the house now, how would you play?

I would do it a lot differently. I would be more of a fake person and I would lie more; I think that would have got me further in the game. I knew this going in, being an honest, decent person is not gonna be good for a Big Brother game! So I just would have tried to shape things up a bit more.

Who was the hardest houseguest to live with this season?

Gary for sure! Gary was so entertaining. Even when he is mad, he is so funny, but he is just a messy dude. When he cooks it’s unbelievable to watch, he just throws spoons and knocks people over, he just doesn’t care. It’s hilarious but it’s kinda hard to live with.

Who would you like to see evicted next and why?

I would like to see Kevin evicted next, because I just hope people are picking up on how he’s playing the game. He’s playing everybody in the house. I don’t think people realise everything he does is strategy; everything that he does is game. So, I hope that they will get him out because he’s smart, he can win comps when he wants to and, he can make it really far if they don’t catch on soon enough.

Who would you like to keep in touch with when all is said and done?

Dillon, for sure. Bruno. I would love to party with William and Dre; Karen would be amazing if I ever made a stop in the shuuushwappy. But yeah, honestly outside the house, everything’s different and I would love plenty of the houseguests on the outside.

Could you spell ‘shuuushwappy’ and make a reference for the audience in the UK?

(laughs) S-H-U-U-U-S-H-W-A-P-P-Y! The shuuushwappy is in BC I believe.

Make an early prediction – who’s gonna make it to final three?

Bruno. Ugh… William and… Maybe Demetres. Let’s be honest. I think that they have built good relationships. I think people underestimate William and I think that’s why he could go far. Bruno, he’s covered all his bases, he plays the good person, ‘dad’ role, people like to trust Bruno because when he says something to you, you want to believe him. Demetres, I think he might just keep winning. He might just win his way there, you know?

Who would you LIKE to make it to final three?

Karen for sure. Bruno, and William.

Finally, what are some of your highlights from your time in the house?

Me and Dillon wrote a bunch of songs and our album’s coming out soon. It includes such hits as ‘Maybe I Can Help You Guys’, ‘No Hotdogs For Me’, ‘Teach You Hot’, ‘Scalped Potatoes’; there’s a lot we wrote songs about. Writing the album with Dillon was amazing!

Competing in all the comps was unbelievable. The work that goes into them; they look fantastic, they’re so much fun to play in, even if they’re not THAT fun to play in. Those were always a highlight. And honestly just being able to evict people, that was awesome. I loved that.

Big Brother Canada continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Global.

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