Big Brother Canada saw its biggest twist to-date this past week when a double eviction swiftly send Neda Kalantar packing, when it was revealed her immunity pass was to be taken away and Jury was to be started. We got the chance to catch up with Neda following her eviction to find out who she wants to make it to the end, how she’ll play Jury and THAT feud with Cassandra…

Neda Kalantar was evicted from Big Brother Canada 5

Neda Kalantar was evicted from Big Brother Canada 5

Now that you’ve had some time to reflect on your time in the house, how do you feel about the whole experience?

It was obviously a really amazing experience; who gets to live out their dream two times? So I appreciate everything I went through and I’m glad I made big game moves while I was there and before I got evicted.

Why do you think you became an immediate target once your immunity wore off?

I wasn’t an immediate target once my immunity wore off; I was an immediate target as soon as I walked into that house, so the immunity really just kept away the inevitable as long as possible. I was always gonna be a huge target, but the immunity made my target even bigger and, as soon as it was over I knew people were gonna be taking huge shots at me.

So was it more of a blessing or a curse?

Looking back at it now, it seems like more of a curse.

If you were to go back into the house now, how would you play?

I think I would just be very friendly, I’d tell people that I was just here for the experience now. Canada didn’t like me as you heard from the audience, so I’m just gonna try and be nice but still start backstabbing every single one of them. No mercy!

Despite being evicted you’re the first member of the Jury; how does that feel?

I love it. I love that I can set the tone for the Jury not to be bitter in here. I want everyone to vote for the right winner and not for their friend or vote against someone they don’t like. I want Season 5, because it’s been so epic to have a really epic winner, despite our differences.

You’ve had some confrontation in the house and we saw you laugh over Cass’ plea to stay. Was that intentional or something that just happened?

I definitely did not mean to laugh at all, but it was just the last couple of days before that she had been going around telling everyone her final speech would be a huge stab at me, all she wanted to do was throw me under the bus, she wanted to take shots at me for not being a feminist, things like that. So I went into it really nervous about what she was going to say, and then after she had thrown pretty much all her allies under the bus to me before she had been nominated… So when she claimed she was loyal I honestly couldn’t help it, I really did not mean to laugh, and I really wish I hadn’t, it’s just sometimes you really can’t help it.

Who was the hardest houseguest to live with this year?

Ika Wong was the hardest houseguest to live with this year because, it’s just very emotionally draining, especially if you’re working with her. You have to check in with her all the time, every day’s a new rollercoaster with her, in the morning you’re good, in the afternoon you’re fighting. She was definitely the hardest.

And who was the messiest?

The messiest houseguest was Gary even though he will say that he wasn’t. Gary I love you but your makeup is still all over the towels!

Who would you like to see evicted next and why?

I don’t have a preference for who I want evicted next, I want whoever’s not playing the best game to come out next, or something along those lines. I just wanna see the best winner at the end there, I have no preference.

Who would you like to keep in touch with when all is said and done?

Hopefully everyone. I’m not gonna be holding anything game-wise against anyone. We’re completely different people when were inside that house than when were outside, so whoever’s cool on the outside, I’ll hang out with you.

Make an early prediction – who’s gonna make it to final three?

Karen, and I can’t really predict the other ones. As I said I’m just gonna wait it out and see who really steps up their game. Some people might really change it, some people might flop hard and yeah, Karen could pull out some crazy victories, get rid of like Bruno and Kevin or something.

Who would you LIKE to make it to final three?

I think I would want Kevin to make it really far in the game. I really enjoy Dre, I really enjoy Jackie, there’s so many people I really enjoy the game but, if they play the best game, that’s who I want to make final three.

Finally, what are some of your highlights from your time in the house?

Walking into the house for the first time, or I guess second time now would be my biggest highlight. It’s the realisation you get a fresh start in the game, you get to play again, and even though it wasn’t that fresh of a start, it was just cool to walk into that house again.

Big Brother Canada continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Global.

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