Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox opens up the super-sized eighth season / Photo Credit: Global
Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox opens up the super-sized eighth season / Photo Credit: Global

The super-sized eighth season of Big Brother Canada is officially underway, with over 80 days of gameplay planned and 16 contestants battling it out for the grand prize. Host Arisa Cox brought the premiere to audiences last night (March 4th, 2020) and fans immediately saw the foundations for alliances laid in place.

Of course, in a season that is centered around comic books, superheroes and villains, there are going to be more twists than ever before. The first saw Canada voting for the houseguests they'd like to keep immune from the first eviction, based entirely on their introductory interview video profiles, with the four who received the least amount of votes immediately put in danger.

Those four houseguests who received the lowest amount of votes were Susanne Fuda from Vaughan, Ontario, Nico Vera from Toronto, Ontario, Chris Wyllie from Markham, Ontario and Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao from Montreal, Quebec, meaning that the other 12 houseguests were all made immune from the first week's eviction.

The four houseguests in danger are able to save themselves from the chop by competing in two challenges, with the winner of each earning immunity. The final two who fail to gain that immunity will have to use their social skills if they're to remain in the game.

In their first challenge, the four houseguests' super-strength were put to the test, as they had to hold up a car from falling off a bridge, weighted proportionally to their own weight.

Photo Credit: Global
Photo Credit: Global

Despite claiming he goes to the gym "five or six days a week", Chris was the first to drop his car, with power-lifter Kyle telling the Diary Room that the challenge is actually more about body positioning than strength.

Nico was the next to drop, leaving the two female contestants to slug it out.

Bringing the competition to a close, after over 35 minutes of intense back-and-forth, Susanne would drop her car, making Minh-Ly the winner and the recipient of guaranteed safety in the season's opening week.

Tonight (March 5th, 2020) we will see the bottom three fight it out in a mental-based competition before the houseguests decide which of the final two will remain in the house, and who will be the first to be sent packing.

Big Brother Canada continues Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on Global, at 7pm ET/PT on Wednesdays and 8pm ET/PT on Thursdays and Sundays.

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